Category: Regulatory Reform: GCC 2008 to present

Having recognised the need for Regulatory Reform since the Shipman Inquiry the UK Government published its white paper in February 2007. The need for “regulatory reform” was embraced by the GCC, in March 2008 thirteen of the 20 council members voted me off council for calling a member of GCC management a liar, for attempting to conceal the misdeeds of former deputy Registrar Mr Greg Price and informing the presidents of the chiropractic associations on what was going on behind the scenes at the GCC.
By the end of the year all the reformers who had been on the council had been purged, replaced by a smaller compliant non elected council of 14. Peter Dixon remained as chairman, Margaret Coats as Chief Executive. They supervised the appointment of their supporters from the previous administration. The new “reforms” meant it was no longer the responsibility of the GCC to promote chiropractic, their job was to police and set standards for which the appointed Physiotherapist Greg Pope as Chair of the GCCs education committee.

Its getting harder and harder for Coats and Dixon to mislead the profession. There is a paper trail, You just need to know where to look in GCC “closed” minutes.

Coats and Dixon were in Birmingham today telling the gathered chiropractors how passionate they are about chiropractic. Apparently Margaret Coats sees a chiropractor regularly, I am sorry I dont buy that, she knows so little about chiropractic and  who would…

To Those going to AGMs in the coming weeks this is my official complaint against the General Chiropractic Council

  “The  joint statement “Working Together” is rather amusing considering all that has happened in recent years. How many statements do chiropractors need before the penny drops, the GCC is not fit for purpose. The statement explains “the roles…