Did BCA finally find its spine and tell the General Chiropractic Council, its not fit for purpose?

new GCC_edited-1 I have heard through the grapevine, that BCA members passed a vote of no confidence in the GCC at their AGM on Saturday, if that is the case its the beginning of the end for Coats and Dixon. Watch the rats on the GCC ship try and dump them in the coming months to try and save their world. Remember most of these clowns looked the other way while Coats and Greg Price did their dirty work.

By coincidence the GCC published their annual report this week telling everyone what a great job they are doing, with the new reformed GCC. Hard to believe Peter Dixon was paid £30,900 and £6,923.48 in expenses last year (see below0for bringing the profession to its knees. When I was on the GCC I did not take a penny in expenses mainly because I had no desire to spend a second longer than I had to with them in the hotel between meetings. The chair of the Education Committee physiotherapist Graham Pope mustfeel the same.

Peter Dixons foreword to the report.

In 2009 there was a considerable increase in activity. The GCC has undergone significant
change and development as a result of regulatory reform. We have also received an
unprecedented number of complaints. Despite all this change, the GCC has managed to
continue to deliver on all its regulatory functions to a high standard.

From February 2009, Council became smaller and more strategic. This implements a
key component of a wide-ranging programme of regulatory reform to ensure that health
regulators have a more consistent statutory purpose. (and we make sure there is no one on council who might rock the boat)

The GCC now has: an all-appointed Council of seven lay and seven registrant Members
l new, all-appointed and independent Investigating, Professional Conduct and Health
Committees that don’t include any Members of Council.

Halfway through the year, the new Council was confronted with an unprecedented event. Two members of the public between them made complaints about more than 600 chiropractors – a 1,500% increase in the number of complaints we typically receive in a year.These ‘omnibus’ complaints were about the content of chiropractic websites only, not the quality of care provided to patients. (This happened because Margaret Coats and myself would not accept the legal opinion the General Osteopathic Council took in deciding which complaints to send to the PCC)

The complaint against each chiropractor is being dealt with in the normal way, of course, by
our statutory Investigating Committee, which must consider all the available evidence before
deciding if there is a ‘case to answer’ for referral to the Professional Conduct Committee.
I’m very pleased to say that despite these unusual circumstances, and the consequent
demand on staff and committee members, we’ve continued to deliver all our statutory
duties to our normal high standard. A major factor in this was the speed with which the
major risks were identified and managed, as recognised by CHRE in its review of our
performance for 2009.

Peter Dixon

Them to show what a good job they are doing they have this quote from the CHRE on the front page

“ We commend the speed with which the GCC was able to produce
detailed plans to deal with the huge increase in complaints
experienced this year and note that despite the major challenges this
issue presented to its limited resources, the GCC continued to deliver
the totality of its business plan. We consider the GCC’s response
in developing and evaluating a range of solutions and scenarios to
address the problem in the context of both existing and proposed
legislative requirements demonstrates that the GCC displays agility,
takes proper account of risk in its planning process and illustrates
good use of up to date management information”.
CHRE Performance review report 2009/10

Fees paid to Council Members and expenses reimbursed
                Fees                   Expenses
Alan Breen £5,700               £3,479.41
David Byfield £3,800           £1,876.92
Martin Caple £7,050            £2,068.42
Roger Creedon £3,750         £135.10
Christina Cunliffe £4,650      £1,249.30
Ian Dingwall £2,100             £631.60
Peter Dixon (Chairman)    £30,900 £6,923.48
Julie McKay £2,400             £460.60
David Murphy £1,500          £2,132.96
David Plank £5,400             £565.53
Grahame Pope £3,900          £0.00
Chris Stephens £1,950         £548.40
Stephen Williams £1,500      £414.20
Judith Worthington £5,400    £4,132.04

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