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The chiropractic profession is a very diverse group, making it extremely difficult to present a consensus view of chiropractic and its benefits. I believe the pole the chiropractic profession should attach its flag to was defined by The World Federation of Chiropractic in 2005. Chiropractic is separate and distinct from medicine. Chiropractors are specialists in spinal health care, they do not suppress symptoms with drugs and they focus on the relationship of spinal joint function to the nervous system and its effect on wellbeing.n chiropractic and its benefits.

Michael Pedigo has passed on but the chiropractic profession needs to take on board his words and vision.

I was saddened to hear one of the five plaintiffs from the Wilk case  Michael Pedigo  passed away on the 10/10/2010. The Wilk case should have been a watershed for the chiropractic profession. The book is a must read for…