Category: The Vertebral Subluxation Complex Theory.

The theory on which DD Palmer based his original hypothesis in 1895 that there was a relationship between a vertebra and Harvey Lillards ability to hear.

We now know spinal joint dysfunction effects how impulses from mechano receptors from the joints enter the central nervous system which regulates the systems the human body requires for optimal wellbeing

Chiroquackery! by Gert van der Walt

The worst thing about being thrown off the General Chiropractic Council, was the indifference shown by the chiropractic profession. Apathy is what has allowed the GCC/BCA alliance to promote their biomedical agenda for chiropractic.  In recent months I have sensed…

GCC defines “subluxtion”

Unfortunately chiropractic like medical undergraduates have little discussion concerning the philosophy of health and yet it is an essential part of the way in which we understand the world. This omission from chiropractic education may explain why the extreme wings…