GCC decided this man had been misled by Chiropractor Warren Gage

A posting by a patient of Warren Gage DC

As a patient and newcomer to these forums I have been interested in what I read of problems between GCC and chiropractors.
My wife and I were dismayed and disgusted by the treatment meted out to our chiropractor Dr Warren Gage two years ago and I wrote to GCC telling them so as did many other patients. Their action deprived us of his excellent care because, being disillusioned he went back to his own country.
GCC was set up, as I understand it, to protect patients. Neither we nor any other of Dr Gage’s patients needed protection from Dr Gage nor do I know of any complaint against him by any member of the general public. Do I gather from reading postings on this site that others have had similar experiences?

Richard Lanigan response

Great to have patients getting involved after all you are what this is all about. I have always wondered how they canvassed views from our patients, they seem to have the same patient on the investigating committee for years. I would have thought she would be better by now and they could have given someone else a chance to express an opinion. How about you "Certactio", I wonder what the GCC would make of you. “Quality of life” and all that. Is that part of the “context of UK health care”Were you one of those deluded people who wrote those "testimonials" about how chiropractic had helped you?
Warren is not the only chiropractor to have a case like this brought. In 2002 I was an expert in a case the GCC brought against Jesper Jensen a BCA chiropractor and subluxation chiropractor. The complainant in Jespers case was Margaret Coates the Registrar. Ms Coates claimed that a website for Dr Jensens clinic, was misleading the public. Yet they did not produce a member of the public that had been mislead. The GCC expert was Dr David Byfield another BCA member, who produced an "Independent" report which the GCC maintained was also the list of charges being presented against Dr Jensen, so much for independent.
When the GCC initially informed Jesper that they had a problem with the website he took it down. This was not enough for certain individuals and they pursued the case for no obvious reason, than to show they could, the public was not a risk, I argued he was providing a public service, the PCC saw it otherwise and admonished Jesper after the case he returned to Denmark.
The barrister for Jesper used the term "Kangaroo court" on a number occasions to describe the proceedings. If you go to www.familychiropractic.co.uk you can read "The Best Bits"
While some of the language on Jespers site was arguably alarmist it hardly warranted the effort and expenditure the GCC put into it . Total cost approx £130,000. This case was one of the reasons GCC member Richard Rummary resigned in 2000. You can read his resignation letter further down the forum.
In my opinion the biggest Irony was that the most "misleading" aspect of this case was the report produced by David Byfield a current member of the GCC. I have been banging on about this for years have faced many disciplinary hearings as Dr Byfield has tried without success to shut me up. Unfortunatly he is still there regulating the chiropractic profession, despite my best efforts.

This posting seems to explain my receipt of evasive answers to my letter to Drs Copland-Griffiths and Grant expressing my dismay and disgust at the treatment of Dr Gage. My reply to Dr Dynamic of 27 March also refers, and I have noted his reference to Health Care Regulators.

I have a pile of papers here relating to my concern about Dr Gage, including what I thought was a somewhat aggressive letter from Gregory Price saying that a complaint had been made against Dr Gage (who made it?) and asking me and my wife who wrote our testimonials to Dr Gage seemingly implying that somebody else wrote them!! Is it of some relevance that Copland-Griffiths and Price have now gone?

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