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The GCC has been regulating chiropractic since the late 90s. Its statutory duty was to set standards, protect the public and promote the profession. In 2006 a survey of the profession revealed 77% of the profession and the Chiropractic Patients Association had no confidence in the regulator. The Department of Health took the view that as chiropractic profession has statutory self regulation its for the GCC to sort out its own mess and they would not interfere. In May 2007 I was elected onto the GCC on a mandate of “The GCC is not fit for purpose” and must be changed.

Edzard Ernst Presents his views to the GCC

In March 2006 chiropractors were shocked by the negative headlines in many newspapers promoting an article by Professor Ernst in the Journal of The Royal Society of Medicine. The GCC responded in a press release stating that it was “extremely…