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The British Chiropractic Association’s (BCA) libel suit against Simon Singh became a cause celebre for critics of the UKs draconian libel laws. I am a passionate believer in free speech and although I disagreed with the vast majority of what Simon Singh wrote in his Guardian Article and the book he co- wrote with Professor Edzard Ernst, I supported his right to say what he did.
I more than anyone have experienced the bully boy tactics ( not to forget McTimoney bully girls) and legal threats from the BCA and the GCC for things I have written in fact in 2006 the GCC spent in the region of £100,000 hiring defamation lawyers from Addleshaw Goddard trying to have me remove blog postings and identify people who had posted comments on the website. The accused me of defaming the GCC Chief Executive Margaret Coats and her deputy Greg Price and sought a high court order against the site. The fact Greg Price was posting obscene comments on this site and disparaging chiropractic on other internet forums was brushed under the carpet after his resignation from the GCC.
Interesting thing about the Simon Singh case was it became a rallying call for anti CAM Skeptics (keep libel out of science) who given the chance would probably deny CAM practitioners their right to free speech. Therfore you will find much of my postings relating to this case in the “Sceptics and Prejudice” category

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  A health regulator taking a complaint from proponents of medical orthodoxy is nothing new. It was Sunday Times Journalist  Brian Deer, not patients who brought the complaint to the GMC regarding the “Scientific Research” of Andrew Wakfield. Watch this…

Why the United Chiropractic Association (UCA) and traditional chiropractors, should be supporting Simon Sings campaign for free speech.

Technorati Tags: Britiah Chiropractic Association,BCA,united chiropractic association,UCA,simon singh,free speech.,general chiropractic council,couch trip Senior chiropractors have a long history of using lawyers to stiffel debate. I have been threatened with legal action for my views by the GCC, the BCA, and…

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