Peter Dixon spin at UCA conference 2006

Here are a summary of a few of the questions asked and the answers given.
Q. Where will Chiropractic be in 10 years time?
A. [five minute monologue making either no attempt to answer the question or an attempt that went over my head!] followed by "much the same as now".
NB. when asked the same question, Jim Sigafoose’s answer was "gone! The principle will remain because they are universal laws, but they won’t call it Chiropractic".

Q. Why is so much money being spent pursuing complaints?
A. They are not. The GCC are not interested in telling Chiropractos how they should practice. If you practice reasonably and responsibly you will never ever hear from the GCC.

Q. Are the GCC surveying complainants about their complaint experience
A. Yes
Q. Are they do the same for the Chiropractors who were the victims of the complaint?
A. Yes.

Q. Was Greg Price sacked for posing as a Chiropractor?
A. …Pause… No.

Q. Did the GCC spend £60,000 pursing legal action against posters on the website? 
A. I don’t know how much was spent but it doesn’t matter. As the gcc is a public organisation we have an obligation to pursue any potential libel against an employee otherwise we may face an industrial tribunal. We wuld have to pursue that regardless of the cost.

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