"Cognito" Greg Price deputy Registrar of GCC, posts some comments on the blog.

This montage I have put together was posted by former GCC deputy registrar Greg Price using the pseudonym  Cognitio.

Cognitio became a member of this forum on October 23 2006 using a computer with a GCC IP address which is. Mail.gcc-uk.org. Cognitio made 26 postings pretending he was a registewred chiropractor. when Solicitors Addleshaw Goddard became involved in the case.

In the press relaease sent out by the GCC on March 22nd 2006 it clearly states;
“Chiropractors who are on the register have met legal criteria for registration and it is a criminal offence for anyone to describe themselves as a chiropractor if the are not registered with the GCC”.

Here is a selection of Cognitios postings.

Posted on December 7 at 11.30 AM
Well Biggabriel, I am a member of the BCA (and was glad of it when I had a complaint made against me as I received excellentsupport from the BCA). I am also registered with the GCC. But I have not been captured or drugged.
Yes, I do like playing devils advocate sometimes. After all, isnt this what this board is all about, stimulating debate? When somebody challenges something I say (rather than indulging in an ad hominem attack) I do try to respond. however, I do have a practise to run
October 27 10.58 AM
If Winston was prosecuted and fined by the courts then he must have been calling himself a chiropractor – otherwise he would have been found not guilty. this means that he was trading off the good name of properly registered chiropractors. If he has indmnity insurance then it wouldn’t be valid because he isn’t a registered chiropractor.
It isn’t a case of whether people are or aren’t in favour of the GCC. The GCC has been created by Parliament and the Chiropractors Act is in force. Whether the profession likes it or not it must comply with the law. But people who break the law shouldn’t whinge when they get caught.
October 27 at 12.36 PM
What’s the problem? Why shouldn’t the GCC tell the insurers and the police about the Chiropractors Act? After all, it is the law.
Why shouldn’t unregistered people who are calling themselves chiropractors be prosecuted? They’re breaking the law – plain and simple. Why shouldn’t the GCC track them down – that’s what its supposed to do. Why should unregistered people benefit by using the name chiropractor when they’re not abiding by the law? What about those of us who do?
If you don’t like it then get the law changed.
October 27
All I can say Winston is ‘Tough’. If you choose not to register or remain registered why should those of us who did pay for you? Why should you be able to trade off our good name?
The GCC may not be getting everything right but making sure that those who arent registered but practising are prosecuted is something that should be done. After all, you’re trading on our good name.
If you break the law, which was made by Parliament not the GCC, then you shouldn’t cry when you get caught.
December 3 3.36 PM
the GCC has published the figures on its website: http://www.gcc-uk.org/files/page_file/F2P25Nov05.pdf
It make’s interesting reading, particularly the costs. The councils costs seem much lower than some of the figures suggested on this and other forums. I wonder if defendants are getting value for money from their solicitors?
October 31 2005
From the above can we take it you made a complaint to the BCA about Byfield’s evidence to the GCC? If so what was the outcome?
Are you just using this forum to rehash old scores?
Oct 28
How would you know what cases are before a disciplinary committee? all the GCC committees meet (in private), or so were told.
Oct 27
Not true… there are cases on reported on the GCC website that they didnt win… Outcomes of Complaints
There is also a disclosure policy – when I was investigated I was sent one and its available on teh GCC website: Disclosure Policy It appears not guilty findings are published for 28 days after the meeting. from the blurb in the leaflet it looks as the GCC is obliged to publish their decisions.
However, I’m glad that I’ve never been in front of the Professiona Conduct Committee
Oct 25
Why Bankside law kindperson? Do you work for them?
(Kind person is one of the chiropractors the GCC want identified)
Oct 27
When I was under investigation by the GCC I was warned by the GCC to speak to my insurers. My insurers recommended a compnay called Kennedys and it turns out this is the firm also recomended by the BCA. The complaint against me was thrown out by the Investigations Committee.
On Sunday 22 of January 2006 at 08.32
the following postings were made by “Cognitio” but not from the GCC head office. In response to comments about Mike Kondraki sleeping with Richard Lanigans girlfriend when they were students of Mike Kondraki at AECC in the 90s; Cognitio stated in a posting that it was because
“Richard has a small todger that she went with Mike”
At 08.37 he added in another posting “Richard feels sad because he thought it was his girlfriend- but she felt he smelt like shitt and fancied Mike. Come back Richard – or Tricky if you dare…”
When the GCC involved solicitors he tried to delet these two postings . However these two were cut and pasted by another poster so he was not able to delete them.

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