Postings made by GCC Deputy registrar Greg Price on anti chiropractic websites

Here are some of the postings made by Greg Price while he was an executive officer and deputy Registrar at the GCC, some refer to cases that were on going at the time of the posting. (Tee postings he did on this forum are in another posting)

Many of Prices postings have have long been deleted, since I exposed his activities in March 2006, as he was making an afidavid with Margaret Coats to have the High Court force me to identify 21 members of the forums needless to say they were unsuccesful. The GCC management have never contucted an investigation into his activities, and refused many requests to have it as a metting agenda item, despite numerous requests from council members. This despite the fact he was the GCC officer responsible for interviewed patients making complaints against registered chiropractors. Margarets used the old chesnut "Data protection" However when it was challanged by solicitors representing members of the UK psychotherapy body who had emloyed him, this was exempt from Data protection. (see other posting)…57&topicPage=10…289&topicPage=9…824&topicPage=9…707&topicPage=9

Innate Intelligence ??…910&topicPage=1
Has Rondberg bitten off more than he can chew..?…topicID=1464067
(very interesting commentary from within the gCc)
IN DEFENSE OF CLA (comments on sEMG)…topicID=1178373
Question about PT named Paul Lee…topicID=1447587

Name: Cognitio
Date: Nov 2, 2004
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The CLA are a bunch of money-grabbing shysters! The scientific evidence shows that SEMG doesn’t work.

This particular Posting had Peter Dixon and Margaret Coats in a sweat in case Terry Rondberg sued the GCC for defamation.

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