Why the United Chiropractic Association (UCA) and traditional chiropractors, should be supporting Simon Sings campaign for free speech.

Senior chiropractors have a long history of using lawyers to stiffel debate.

I have been threatened with legal action for my views by the GCC, the BCA, and the McTimoney association, the UCA dont sue they just keeps their heads down. I was one of the original founder members of the UCA and our mission statement was to defend the principles of traditional chiropractic not just talk about it. I resigned from the UCA because the members were not interested in doing what we were formed to do, resist the medicaliseation of chiropractic by the BCA and GCC. At evert turn the BCA have done what they could to undermine the UCA. They have tried to mess up their indemnity insurance and senir BCA members launched an attack on the UCA executive a few years ago because one of the UCA members  published a Newsletter “The Couch Trip” (Excerpts below)

The “Couch Trip” very critical of the BCA and in particular the medicalised chiropractic education given at the Welsh institute of Chiropractic ( If Simon Singhs article had been directed at the UCA the BCA would have been applauding from the rafters not burying their heads in the sand.

Senior BCA people ( anyone know who they were ?)made 10 complaints to the GCC  against the eight members of the UCA executive, purely to intimidate them and it worked. As far as I know no one ever found out who wrote the newsletter and the legal advice to the GCC was they could not proceed against the members of the UCA executive, when they could not prove who wrote the Newsletter. The question chiropractors should be asking is a UCA member or Simon Singh entitled to have and express these views about the BCA with out fear of reprisals.

This case and the resignation of the chairman of the GCC was what prompted me to start blogging back in 2005, which led to the GCC spending almost £100,000 seeking a highcourt injunction trying to get my blogs removed and the identity of contributors to the forums revealed, and protect the reputation of GCC Chief executive and Registrar and secretary of the Education committee and what ever she wants to control, Margaret Coats. I posted a lot of the Dr Axe material on the blog in the name of “Free Speech”.

The BCA always saw the GCC as an extension of their power, and the failure of the GCC to act against the members of the UCA was the point it realised the GCC had to abide by the Human Rights Act and could not prosecute people merely for association so they had to be resort to more subversive methods in their war with the UCA and McTimoney college. Victory for Simon Sing will not damage the chiropractic profession in the long term, victory for the BCA will mark the beginning of defining a scope of chiropractic practice by the education committee of the GCC (which is chaired by physiotherapist Graham Pope). Dissenters will face the wrath of the GCC,  and why chiropractors who believe in spinal care rather than treating pain symptoms must look beyond  the sceptics view of CAM and support Simon Sings cause 100%.

The Couch Trip – with Dr X.

As read by the best informed Chiropractors in the UK & Overseas

Welcome to Issue 11, back from the technical difficulties that delayed TCT10, hopefully things will be a little smoother from now on in. TCT will have a different look this year, as Melissa is doing a grand job of keeping us all up to date with seminars & UCA happenings we will be doing less of that, so here at TCT we’ll be taking a different tack. We’ll be concentrating on bigger issues within the profession world-wide, research reviews, and members feedback, so get writing!

In this issue we’re covering the latest antics from the BCA, some feedback from members including a guest columnist, and new look sections: Research and Stories From You. The UCA Spring conference has just finished with 65 in attendance (the biggest attendance for the Spring conference ever), we’ll be covering it in more detail in TCT12 as we’ve much for you to get through in this edition, so tuck in!


The Soap Box: Guest contributor – Dr Axe.

Members Feedback: Stories from you!

The BCA: Barry Lewis on EBP and professional discrimination.

The GCC: A ‘Dear Margaret ‘Letter

Research: Abstracts of interest; Nutrition and cancer

Final thought: RCT, again

Soap Box:

In light of the new contributor, which we’re looking forward to more of in the future, there will not be a Soap Box this time, instead I’d like to introduce ‘Dr Axe’.

Dr Axe monologue 1.

“I’ve been thinking about writing a monologue since the first appearance of Dr X. Great stuff I’m sure most will agree. So here it is! Maybe the first of many, but that depends on the recipients. I would like your responses – please! I do not want debate or arguments, just your opinions on my opinions. Maybe with enough response I will eventually form strong enough opinions to want to infiltrate the political arena of the British Chiropractic Associations and openly drive for the reinstatement of true Chiropractic in this country.

So why Dr Axe?

It’s a spin off from Dr X. Simple! However the difference is that I am politically incorrect! I don’t really mind too much if I upset people and I pretty much say exactly what I want to say. Of course if a lot of responses come back negatively about what I have to say, then I will apologize and hang up my pen, so please give some feedback. One fine Aussie mentor tried hard to teach me what he called the “velvet sledgehammer”. I understood what he meant but never quite mastered it. So from the velvet sledgehammer and influenced by the silken perceptions of Dr X, I then coined Dr Axe. I have a lot of stuff to say and a lot I want to learn – from you.

First my credentials. I am a Chiropractor! That is one with a capital C! Strangely enough I am also British and educated at Glamorgan! A fact that, in British Chiropractic, I haven’t been to thrilled about. Ok, having read that and before you delete this, I would like you to know that I don’t consider myself a typically British Chiropractor. My initiation into the world of Chiropractic was as the patient of an Aussie Chiropractor practicing Gonstead, wellness and living by Renaissance ideals. He taught me philosophical and historical perspectives. He also made one hell of a difference to my health. In fact it changed my life to the point that I gave up my successful business to do my time at Glamorgan. There I learnt science, scepticism, sarcasm and derision! Since then I have worked with some great Chiropractors, most it seems from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. People devoted to their beliefs and their patients, all striving for excellence and hampered by the unfortunate balance of power in this country. That’s not to say that British Chiropractors are bad, just that I have met very few who aren’t preoccupied with symptom relief and an early discharge! Well in my book discharge is something that oozes from orifices and not what you would want for a trusting patient who needs your help.

A little about Chiropractic college. I believe that the basic education of Chiropractic at Glamorgan was as good as any from a scientific and technical standpoint. Graduates are produced who are fairly proficient at pain relief and some who can actually practice a bit of the old manipulation! Great! The endless cycle of fear and brainwashing against those flaky subluxated, money-orientated people, who dare to call themselves Chiropractors, starts from day one however. It is true that graduates are safe and competent (in pain relief etc). Most are young, want a good career and they just eat it up! In my class of 49 graduates, I could count only 3 or 4 who had enough insight to not be duped by the brainwashing. Alas, the rest remain in their white clinic jackets, the cream of British education!

As the reader may guess, I managed to alienate most of my fellow students at one time or other! My moment of glory was a group project to debate Chiropractic philosophy. We were given several papers arguing the traditional Chiropractic and symptopractor argument. The senior tutors wrote most of the papers and indeed, the module was supervised by the lead author. I admit I did use my bullish personality to do the whole presentation myself. As I stood before my peers and took their hero apart in no uncertain terms, a ghoulish silence of rigid attention fell over the room. Faces white and angry stared at me as I delivered my argument and analysis. Strangely the tutor seemed almost appreciative of the argument and certainly may have been impressed that no one (for a change) had fallen asleep!! Afterwards I received many angry comments as well as complements from a few interested parties, who incidentally remain open to learning about Chiropractic. My group received top grades for the presentation – that impressed me!

About the tutors: The most powerful in Glamorgan of course are the “Kings” of Glamorgan. Once I understand, high volume Chiropractors. Now dedicated to leading British Chiropractors toward the GCC model! A flurry of senior tutors, at the time many being BCA committee members and one a former BCA president, led us proudly in the same direction. I might add that one particular senior tutor filled us with so much paranoia about hurting people, that several of my peers to this day have never performed a single cervical adjustment! Her influence certainly has proudly represented Chiropractic! There were a few great tutors. One in particular was sacked fairly quickly after airing his views toward a more traditional philosophical approach. Another American Chiropractor brought huge influence to us all. Sadly her demise was also imminent. Finally there were a few academic Chiropractors. I was never sure if they were there to actually teach or just to gain their next qualification.

I actually have no personal axe to grind with these people beside my belief that they are destroying some of the greatest attributes of the true Chiropractor. They do this by sarcasm and derision. Failing this they blind with science and fear. As an example, my interest in a particular Chiropractic technique, Chiropractic Biophysics, was dismissed by the resident DACBR because it advocates taking pre and post x-rays. This from an academic who couldn’t see past his bias to actually pick up a few journals and find out what the protocols were and whether there might be any clinical value. Of course I challenged this and waved copies of JMPT and spine at him. “Hey” I was told, “these guys are flooding JMPT with research and now it’s not a very good journal”. SURE! Others ridiculed leaders in Chiropractic philosophy by telling students that these leaders “smoke to much pot”!

I have written about the British education because of the many times in the last few years that I have felt like apologising for it. Maybe this is because most of the Chiropractors I know are from overseas. I feel that underneath the brainwashing of students is the potential for all of them to move away from the symptomatic super physio image that they are force fed in college. The only way this can happen is if people like you understand why they think that way and maybe with that knowledge, each of us can reach someone and help them see past their subluxated education. I apologise for my longwinded introduction but still have one more topic to briefly touch upon.

What is our purpose as Chiropractors?

Is it not to lead each individual to maximise their potential in health and therefore in life? I believe it is. In this era of adversity to wellness care I find it odd that the populations in general seem to be clamouring for wellness. We all know that the medical profession have failed and will continue to fail. However they have the power and the masses follow. Many years ago the church had similar power over the thoughts, opinions and lives of the masses. Now they still have immense power but there is an ever-growing body of individuals out there that search for their own answers. This is so in healthcare and I believe that Chiropractic is at the forefront in principle but the holders of power and those that subscribe to it, hamper growth and momentum.

The Chiropractors who allow growth are those that are passionate and inspired.

College education is just the beginning of a Chiropractic career. In this climate of evidence based practice one has to realise that the education system cannot replace clinical experience, which has a strong role in evidence bases. Outside there is a whole world of evidence to discover. Much may orientate toward a wellness approach where the Chiropractor may wish to help the patient toward the best they can be. For the current student with a true passion for Chiropractic I would want them to know that there is cutting edge research and validated techniques out there – check it out!

Recently, I attended a Chiropractic Biophysics seminar in London. This was my fourth of these seminars and I was again impressed by the incredible passion and dedication of the Harrison’s. The attending Chiropractors were glued to the rigorous agenda and left full of inspiration. To me this is the way forward in Chiropractic today. Why?

Because the material is researched and validated more than any other technique in Chiropractic today.

Because the aim is too achieve the maximum potential in each patient.

Because it is the only technique that actually changes the structure and function of the spine and nervous system.

Scientific rationale for treatment beyond the resolution of symptoms.

It works.

Don’t take my word for it – check it out!

Deed Harrison is speaking at the ECU convention in Cyprus in May. He is speaking to a large amount of British “educators” and has the longest time slot of all of the speakers for the event. I can’t help feel that the more Chiropractors that go there to support, the better for all. If you agree then go support.”

Dr Axe.


“Subject: just kicking back

you know Dr X, every TCT arrives into my inbox with a smile. this is primarily because i know that i am about to have a few challenges issued in my general direction. it is great to read about how groups within groups conduct their affairs, complain about their situation, defend their beliefs and statements, and lie… just incredible.

happy B’day for TCT 10! this particular issue was a thoroughly good read, and in particular the FEAR soapbox-session. i am totally on board with that thinking. i know for a fact that many of my colleagues now practice with fear forming a part foundation of their practice protocols. how on earth can anyone be expected to perform the best they possibly can, providing the best possible service to the people they actually work FOR, when they have to base decisions on fear of persecution rather than on what is best in that particular case? it is simply "less-than-ideal"! let us not kid ourselves, fear quickly becomes an unconscious decision altering modality, expressing itself without our conscious awareness through thoughts, impressions and actions.

point worth re-inforcing there: we actually work for the people we provide a service to. that is the fundamental basis of the exchange of service for a fee!

something also worth thinking about: Chiropractors are not perfect, no matter how our (mostly) massive ego’s would love to profess we are! we should, therefore, be allowed to cock-up without fear. certainly without fear of persecution and profession ending repercussions. after all, much of human-kind’s learning is based on various types of cock-ups, some so obvious and significant that the Flat-Earth Society still has a busy membership!

never-the-less, thanks heaps for that very valuable insight… you will, as always, be one of the first emails i open from a busy inbox.


Devlin L. Fenton, BSc(Hons), MSc, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

The BCA:

Barry Lewis & EBP.

Most of you will be aware of The BCA’s Sue Wakefield quoting Barry Lewis’ comments on the much publicised research by Erin L. Elster, D.C. on the effects of Chiropractic on people with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease (http://www.jvsr.com/abstracts/index.asp?id=205) if not go to: http://www.jvsr.com/researchupdate/detail.asp?ID=891 for Mat McCoy’s commentary.

Here lies the essential crux of EBP, who decides what constituted ‘evidence’? Well, Barry has decided that this paper does not constitute ‘evidence’, although the both the publishers and the international media corporation Reuters who printed the article, would say that this is ‘evidence’. I’m sure the esteemed Richard Brown would have his own opinion of the 80-odd case studies involved, being the UK’s leading RCT exponent.

Some members feedback concerning the BCA:

“Subject: Recent experience

Dear Dr X

A little note that I thought you may find interesting during our present

‘divide’ within the profession. I am starting to locum from March onwards

this year and in January thought it a good time to advertise. The UCA is

where I placed my advert (for obvious reasons) as the members of the UCA are

the type of people I wanted to work with. Out of interest I decided to also

contact the BCA. Putting my prejudice aside I called them to enquire how I

would go about advertising.

I explained that although I wasn’t a member of the BCA I would like to know

how I could advertise to their members that I would be available as a locum.

I was asked if I belonged to another association and which one. I was

naturally proud to say that I was a UCA member. The lady I spoke with told

me that due to the fact I was UCA member I was not ‘allowed’ to advertise

through the BCA. I asked what the situation would be if I was an SCA

member. Interestingly if this was the case then there wasn’t a problem

advertising. I then told her, very politely, I thought this was blatent

prejudice. She fumbled over her answer and repeated that I couldn’t

advertise! Wow……..

I don’t think i can actually comment on this to you. If it wasn’t such a

sad state of affairs it may even be funny. Fear is a very powerful emotion!

Keep up the excellent work!

Kelly Thompson”


Dear Margaret

Thank you for the recent mail out concerning change of address details, however I am somewhat concerned about the amount of money (time, copying, paper, and postage) spent on this annual project. I do hope that this extravagant use of resources is not an attempt to justify the excessive £75 administrative charge associated with the change of details. Please try and rectify this problem by not mailing all this paperwork to every registrant every year, perhaps an e-mail will suffice or a single page notification in the re-registration documentation might just do the job.

Yours in Health ….

Research, Abstracts of interest:

Nutrition and cancer: A review of the evidence for an anti-cancer diet

Michael S Donaldson

Nutrition Journal 2004, 3:19


It has been estimated that 30–40 percent of all cancers can be prevented by lifestyle and dietary measures alone. Obesity, nutrient sparse foods such as concentrated sugars and refined flour products that contribute to impaired glucose metabolism (which leads to diabetes), low fiber intake, consumption of red meat, and imbalance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats all contribute to excess cancer risk.

Intake of flax seed, especially its lignan fraction, and abundant portions of fruits and vegetables will lower cancer risk. Allium and cruciferous vegetables are especially beneficial, with broccoli sprouts being the densest source of sulforophane. Protective elements in a cancer prevention diet include selenium, folic acid, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, chlorophyll, and antioxidants such as the carotenoids (a-carotene, b-carotene, lycopene, lutein, cryptoxanthin). Ascorbic acid has limited benefits orally, but could be very beneficial intravenously. Supplementary use of oral digestive enzymes and probiotics also has merit as anticancer dietary measures.

When a diet is compiled according to the guidelines here it is likely that there would be at least a 60–70 percent decrease in breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers, and even a 40–50 percent decrease in lung cancer, along with similar reductions in cancers at other sites. Such a diet would be conducive to preventing cancer and would favor recovery from cancer as well.

(source: http://www.nutritionj.com/content/3/1/19)

Final Thought:

A little extra on the RCT debate:

Cawadias (1953) has said that "the history of medicine has shown that, whenever medicine has strayed from clinical observation, the result has been chaos, stagnation, and disaster."–British Medical Journal, Oct 8th, 1955, p.867 (Quoted in Clinical Medical Discoveries by Beddow Bayly)


Please pass this edition on to any Member who hasn’t received it, also anybody who would like to receive future editions send their e-mail address to  to be added to the mailing list, cheers! – Dr X

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