Health Care, Politics, Regulation and Spin.


A health regulator taking a complaint from proponents of medical orthodoxy is nothing new. It was Sunday Times Journalist  Brian Deer, not patients who brought the complaint to the GMC regarding the “Scientific Research” of Andrew Wakfield. Watch this video from the perspective of a regulator being used to keep all registrants singing from the same page.

As far as I know Andrew Wakefield never said MMR caused Autism. Wakfield asked a scientific question. His hypothesis was; there could be a link between MMR, bowel disease and Autism. Wakefield has been vilified for asking a question that undermined the governments MMR programme.

On the other hand if Wakefield was simply lining his own pocked as the GMC is suggesting, it further brings into question the whole peer review process.

Whatever the truth, for me its just another reason to keep my children away from this

murky unscientific method for promoting health.















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