The ass keeps digging

Got another  letter from Peter Dixon, apparently I am infringing copyright laws using pictures of him from the GCC Newsletter and must stop. In addition I have been printing malicious gossip about Margaret Coats a  “valued employee” who he has “absolute confidence” in.

Dixon States my report that Margaret Coats position is under threat, and the GCC is having an Extraordinary General Metting on the 17th of December to discuss her future as Chief executive of the GCC is completely untrue and defamatory. I heard this from someone who is very close to one of the people who was at the meeting with the GCC in November so it seems  someone has their wires crossed, or Dixon and the GCC have been buying time getting everyone signed up for another year, knowing VAT will rise to 20% in January and making  it less likely thatchiropractors would resign from the register in 2011 .

I am told Dixon has recently changed his position and told the associations that its business as usual at the GCC and Maragret Coats is staying and its not for the associations to tell the GCC who they should or should not employ and if the associations want to communicate with the GCC they will have to do it through Coats.

I guess with Dixon being seriously short of allies he cannot be choosey and Coats is all he has left. He may have scarped in in last place in the 2007 GCC elections, however I can confidently predict that was the last time Dixon was elected to any kind of position in the chiropractic profession.

I keep promising to do a posting about his investigation into Coats use of private investigators to spy on people and their refusal to comply with the Data protection act and will get around to it before the new year, for now I will make do with pilling a bit more shit on the ass in the hole.  Take a look at the most recent cases dismissed by the Professional Conduct Committee.



Some of the “accused”chiropractors  have  made a submission of an “abuse of process” against the GCC chief executive Margaret Coats. This was one of the reasons I was against these closed hearing because the chiropractors wont get the opportunity to cross examine Coats as they would at an open hearing.

As the case is now dismissed, there is no need for the GCC to investigate any “alleged” abuse of process and bad governance at the GCC, so all this shit with the rest, can all be brushed  under Coats carpet. Abuse of process affects all registrants which was the point  I was making in my removal statement in 2008. None of those allegations were investigated by the GCC and I was not sued for defaming anybody in the statement because every word of it is true and they would not want to draw attention to any of it.

The case against Sarah Bartholomew was dismissed for what the PCC describes as “an unfortunate misunderstanding” It seems Margaret Coats saw a copy of the PCCs determination before it had been published and did as she seems to have done many times before, ( the worse being the Jeb McEvenie case in 2007 when she actually barged in to the PCC deliberations with her opinions which was a gross abuse of the process and that hearing had to be adjourned) she said something trying to influence the GCC decision making process. We know about the McEvenie case and this case because there were people on that panel who objected to her interference, by enlarge Council members dont want the hassle and do what Coats tells them.

Margaret Coats told the council in 2008 “that their was “no evidence” that her deputy Greg Price had posted anti chiropractic messages on  anti chiropractic websites.  Peter Dixon and the GCC lawyers told me it was defamatory for me to call her a liar for doing this and I was removed from council.  Apparently I had “misheard” what Coats had said, according to Christiana Cunliffe and the other GCC lackeys. They “clearly” remembered (I was the only one writing down what she said) Coats saying that there was no evidence “that her deputy Greg Price had posted anti chiropractic messages on “US” websites from the GCC server . You see Dixon and Coats were the  ones who had the evidence (that Price was working when the postings Dana Greene reportet to Coats were made).   Just another GCC “misunderstanding”.

The question now is, for how much longer is the chiropractic profession going to accept this type of behaviour from the GCCs Nora Batty.

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