Reformed GCC reappoints Peter Dixon as Chairman

new GCC_edited-1 Appointments Commission agrees in principle to appoint chiropractor Peter Dixon as Chair of the General Chiropractic Council with effect from 9 February 2009.

In 2002 Peter Dixon was elected as a member of the General Chiropractic Council and in 2006  its Chairman he came bottom of the poll narrowly So much for regulatory reform. The application form from the appointments commision stated; If you are applying for Chair, please indicate how you also meet level two criteria of the following competences.

Competency 1 – Application of Relevant Legislation

Competency 2 – Understands Committee Function in Public Protection and Fair Hearings ( see Richard Lanigan removal hearings)

Competency 3 – Working in a Collaborative and Professional Manner (Failure to investigate complaints and provide missleading information to council members)

Competency 4 – Reaching Decisions Fairly

Competency 5 – Communication and Conduct During Hearing

Competency 6 – Leadership of the Committee and Proceedings

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