Is General Chiropractic Council Chief Executive Margaret Coats a bigger bully than Gordon Brown?

 lisabon2 The newspapers and media are full of “Gordan Brown the bully”, I had an amusing trip down memory lane this evening with my good friend former council member Dana Greene as we compared the allegations against Gorden Brown and our experience of working with GCC chief executive Margaret Coats, bullying and abuse of power.

The funny thing about bullying is the victims are presented as the people who could no longer take the shit, when in fact the victims are the Peter Dixons of this world who say nothing who will do anything to give the appearance of being in control, when in fact he is simply Margaret Coats poodle.

Dixon wrote one of his letters to me in Jan 2007 trying “to protect the reputation the GCC”  after Maxine White and Greg Prices resignation letter were published on the chiropracticlive forums. Prices letter confirmed that it was the GCC deputy Registrar that had posted obscene messages about my penis on the internet. The other letter was from a former GCC employee Maxine White who alleged that Margaret Coats was a bully and that was why Maxine was leaving the GCC after just a few months in the position as Coats assistant..

Dixon wrote These letters contain personal  data and confidential information in respect of Mr Price and I request that you provide me with any information that you have as to the identity of the person who sent you these letters. Greg Price was now working at another health regulator with a GCC “reference” in his back pocket, Coats and Dixon were concerned that Price might spill the beans on GCC shenanigans if they did not protect his reputation. When I asked Dixon about Price’s “reference”, he stated “I make no comment other than such matters are confidential between the GCC and any former employee” .

Maxine White resigned in January 2004, and as  a result of her allegations the GCC conducted an “investigation” . This was conducted by a “re-appointed council man Martin Cable. Martin is  a former police man and not the sharpest pencil in the box. As a former policeman you would think he knew how to conduct an investigation but like a good political mandarin he only spoke to people who would give him the right answers and never interviewed Maxine White.

 new GCC_edited-1 I spoke to Maxine in January 2007 and she told me how she had described her experience to council members. People like Dana Greene, Kevin Proudman tried to have the allegations of bullying discussed but they were shouted down. In fact other  “re appoined” council members would call for their removal fortunately they had legal representation at the hearing and their human rights had to be respected so they could not be removed.

Maxine told them you could not say no to Coats or there  were  temper tantrums, describing her as a bully who tries to make people feel incompetent. Coats would walk into Maxines office for a few minutes stand and walk out without saying a word, other time she would go into the office rooting through the papers on Maxins desk to see what she was doing.

Apparently Coats did  not like Maxine speaking to other council members, presumably ones like Dana and the two Kevin. Maxine accused Coats of working late to read GCC employees e-mails. Hardly surprising when she intercepted  council members mail, decided what members needed to know and what she needed to know about them ( How she used the confidential self assessments, thats another posting)

Maxine stated Margarets management skills were non existent which I think is unfair, having seen her turn on the tears to council when I refused to apologise for what I had written about her on my blog. I would say she was a very skilful operator and knows which card to play and when. In her letter Maxine described an element of fear within the GCC office and noone was willing to blow the whistle. She said there was no staff support and no one to turn to when there is a dispute. Maxine informed council members in her resignation letter “I am unable to cope with Margaret Coats bullying tactics and controlling manner. Being subjected to bullying is emotionally draining and I am no longer able to stand up to it. Apparently Coats response was Maxine was incompetent, lacked initiative, and an inability to prioritise her duties.

I could find many people who would agree with Maxine Whites assessment of Coats, six of them former council members. Coats had the GCC conduct an “investigation” that would exonerate her completely and Maxine like all the former council members moved on with their lives and left her to it.

The difference with me is I am in no hurry, I will wait for as long as it takes because I know every day is a day closer to them getting their comeuppance.

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