Peter Dixon will not be held accountable to former members of council

Letter from Peter Dixon today telling me Peter has decided that the GCC will not participate in the conference on June 7th. As far as Peter is concerned the GCC provides regular updates to the profession via the “our Newsletter and website”. He goes on to say “the GCC will be running workshops across the UK during October and November this year as part of the consultation and Peter will be available then to respond to questions that participants have about any aspect of the GCC’s activities. I sent the invitation to all council members and invited four speakers to speak on "Regulatory reform" in relation to !) Greater Patient participation, 2) Transparency, and 3) Fitness to practice. I asked for people to speak who during my time on council had worked hard to reform the GCC. The difference between us was they had faith in the process, I did not. I believe the decision not to attend is something Margaret and Peter have decided and they have not consulted council members. This is how the GCC opperates and most of the time council members are kept in the dark about whats going on ( very like Sir Humphrey in yes Minister and Margaret is Sir Humphrey)They know feelings are high and hope by November apathy will again reign and few will attend their workshops. The Council members I hoped would speak are people with integrity and I knew they would not mislead the profession to make Margaret and Peter look better. Last year when I was talking to the Department of Health and was asking them who the GCC were accountable too, they explained, that if the GCC did something wrong you always had judicial review to keep them honest. Yes at £200,000,I have contacted them again to see if they have any suggestion on where I could get the money to appeal To be fair Peter has a lot on at the moment it cant be easy convincing everyone that Margaret is a wonderful Chief Executive,

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