Peter Dixon tries to cover the mess

Two letters from Peter Dixon when I got back, and neither was a birthday card. The first one practically calling me a liar “dishonest” because every chiropractic member of the GCC has denied communicating with me? Well what can I say. Did Peter really expect members to admit to talking to me, and be kicked off council or perhaps he is hoping, that by accusing me of dishonesty I will react and name a few names. Well Peter Dixon is one of the GCC members I have spoken to since Maxine White was forced out of GCC headquaters. Unfortunately I cannot remember who else I spoke to specifically about Maxine White, they tell me so much. However I will borrow from former minister Geoffrey Howe and say being reprimanded by Peter Dixon and Margaret Coates must be like, being savaged by a dead sheep. Not surprisingly Peter wants me to remove a number of statements I have posted because Margaret and himself think they “Are highly defamatory of the General Chiropractic Council and its chief Executive, Mrs Margaret Coats.” To be defamatory, a statement must be untrue and contrary to what they may say, I do not lie. Allegations have been made to me by, a former employee of the GCC, a number of registered chiropractors, I even heard a member of the General Chiropractic Council describing Margaret Coates as a bully. These allegations are supported by a letter from the employee to members of the GCC which I have a copy of. Unfortunatly I am unable to provide details, because the contents of the letter is the property of the GCC and Peter Dixon tells me these details must remain confidential Peter Dixon tells me, it is also a Breach of Confidentiality and Data Protection Act for me to inform people that former GCC executive officer Greg Price was “forced to resign for posting messages on anti chiropractic websites. But still getting a reference and landing at another regulatory body”. I would find it hard to believe that Price was given this job without a reference from the GCC or that he has not been in touch with Margaret Coates since he resigned. As for why Price resigned, there can be no doubt that while Peter Dixon et al would prefer we did not know, it is in the publics interest to know that a senior executive officer of The GCC, with a statutory duty to protect the public and promote the profession, was posting derogatory messages about registered chiropractors on anti-chiropractic websites, I am proud of the fact I exposed Price and that he had to resign from the GCC as a result. We should also keep in mind that Price had regular contact with many of the witnesses bringing charges against registered chiropractors, Did he try to pervert the course of justice for these chiropractors. Remember this is a guy who claimed,that it was defamatory for Monica Handa to say she found talking to him in the lead up to her PCC hearing “stress full”. The GCC were seeking a court order to have Ms Handa’s identity revealed up to the day Price resigned. In October 2005 a GCC officer became a member of this site. They implied they were a registered BCA chiropractor. They posted 27 messages on the site some of them obscene. They tried to delete some of the postings when solicitors Addleshaw Goddard started to investigate the site which cost £52,000 of chiropractors money. The same computer still logs on to the site most days and the person working the keyboard reads the postings. The GCC refuses to say who the culprit is. Under a freedom of information request I am told Margaret Coates has used the computer with this IP number. The GCC say they do not have the software to record who posted what on this website. Greg Price has denied doing it so we are left to speculate. Peter Dixon says “these comments are defamatory in their natural meaning, which is that Ms Coates posted messages on . So let me make it perfectly clear, I do not know for certain who this GCC officer is, I have my suspicions as to who posted the messages and which GCC officer regularly visits the site. Is it Margaret Coates? I dont know and it would appear neither do the GCC know who the person is. What I can say is the officer whoever they are is an incompetent fool, they are bringing the profession into disrepute, they and their associates should be run out of GCC headquarters and you have to question the integrity of people who would hide this disgraceful behaviour from the profession.

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