GCC has referred 36 of Simon Perrys 50 complaints to the PCC


coats-on-sunSimon Perry has given an update of the progress of his complaints to the GCC about chiropractors on his blog 


Although I have not seen the specifics of the complaints, I have to say I am amazed, the GCC has referred 80% of these complaints to the PCC. This video was supposed to be a satire and its starting to look like a documentary. Where is the GCC going to get the money to prosecute these complaints never mind the 500 or so from Zeno. In addition, I have heard through the grapevine that Zeno wants Skeptic Barista to front a mass complaint about “subluxation” .

GCC registration  costs £1,000 compared with £350 for Osteopaths, the GCC will have to triple their registration fee next year I speculated earlier in the year on the cost, and while the GCC stated in the FOI they did not increase their mortgage in 2009, I believe I should have asked 2010 and £1,000,000 has been raised.



Simon Perrys states that in “36 cases, the Investigations Committee has decided that there is a case to answer and they will be referring an allegation of unacceptable professional conduct against them to the Professional Conduct Committee.

In eight cases, the GCC is awaiting further information.

But in the remaining six cases, the GCC has decided not to pursue the allegation. It reads as though a determining factor was that those chiropractors immediately removed the claims upon being advised to do so by their association”.

They may also have been part of the BCA political elite, the people who started the GCC, the same people who gave the order to go after Simon Singh, would be ironic if they are the ones to get off. 

Its starting to look like the advice the McTimoney association gave their members this time last year was quiet sensible after all, especially considering the BCAs insurance does not cover defence costs because patients were not involved in this complaint. Its hard to believe the BCA made that change in the policy after deciding to go after Simon Singh. You could not make this stuff up could you.

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