GCC election results 2007


Round 1; First preference votes . The BCA did much worse than expected. I suspect because most of my votes came from their members the UCA supported the McTimoney candidates to ensure balance on the council. The McTimoney/ BCA split was 50/50. So divided is the profession if I were to run against any of the candidates I would probably get all the votes from the other side and my own 218 votes. Thats quiet a mandate.   

Christina Cunliffe ( McTimoney) 247
Richard Lanigan (Independent )218
Barry Lewis (BCA)197
Kevin Grant (McTimoney)180
Marisa Pinnock (McTimoney)177
Steve Williams (BCA)166
Peter Dixon (BCA)115
Simon Austin (BCA)92
Mathew Bennet (BCA)87
Jim O Dell (Independent) (35)

Papers distributed 1987
Total valid votes 1514 (76%)
Invalid votes 4


David Byfield (BCA)47
Madeline Brzeski (McTimoney)26

Vaid votes 73 (77%)
Papers distributed 95
Spoilt 0

Northern Ireland

Graham Heale 21
Kevin Proudman 19

Papers distributed 46
Valid Votes 40 (87%)

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