GCC chair Peter Dixon fiddles while Chiropractic burns

coats-on-sun The GCC has decided they have more to fear from the chiropractic sceptics than registered chiropractors. Yesterday The GCC chief executive Margaret Coats saw her salvation in hurrying up the section 60 amendment which would have allowed the Investigating Committee to weed out vexations cases against chiropractors.

The furious response of the sceptics to this decision has made Coats reconsider and she has decided to push ahead with all the 500 complaints, perhaps she feels more confident that Chiropractic Associations will  roll over for her, before the sceptics will give up their Simon Singh campaign. She will tell the CHRE that chiropractic sceptics are members of the public and she has a duty to protect them, along with her fat salary.

I have seen the letter Coats has written to the Privy Council requesting a change of the registration rule that states that chiropractors who are subject to investigation or any proceedings before the Professional Conduct Committee are not required to pay £1,000 for annual retention of registration. In her request Coats pointed out that “normally, the current legislation has meant a reduction in GCC income each year of approximately £50,000. You will appreciate that the impact this year will be at least ten times higher” she told the Privy council.

Coats went on to say “ Our rationale is that it is in the interest of the public and the reputation of the profession for the GCC to continue to deal with complaints in a timely and effective manner, while maintaining progress on all our other activities.”

She has asked the four UK chiropractic associations whether they have any fundamental objection to the removal of this registration rule.

Now lets see what the association leaderships are made of.


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