Ten things the GCC tried to cover up

Ten things the GCC did not want you to know.

1;That they paid solicitors £51,187 to prevent you reading this information

2; That they spent £314,730 on vexatious complaints against innocent chiropractors who nominated me for council

3; What  they said to Prof Ernst at the GCC meeting.

4; Former GCC chairman could not win a vote of confidence

5; How a GCC officer was reported to police in March 2006 for impersonating a registered chiropractor

6; How a GCC officer was making obscene postings on this site

7; That a former member of GCC staff made allegations of bullying.

8; Investigating Committee member David Byfield’s evidence is not always reliable

9; The Public Servant who dealt with complaints about GCC, given GCC "job" by the GCC.

10; Richard Rumary’s resignation letter

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