BCA donkeys just keep digging.

  You could not make this stuff up. Instead of trying to defend the chiropractic profession Tony Metcalfe and Richard Brown should have got a pair of stocks and invited the sceptics to pelt them with rotten eggs. They might get bored of doing that. Below is the latest from Jack of Kent.

Latest from Jack of Kent; Thursday, 15 October 2009

BCA Defame Simon Singh

In an incredible press release published either yesterday or earlier today, the British Chiropractic Association made the serious and completely groundless accusation that Simon Singh had been motivated by malice in writing his original article.This press release has now been hastily and silently switched for a modified one which does not make this significant allegation of improper conduct. However, the hardrives of dozens of Twitterers will evidence that this allegation was indeed published.

I have emailed the BCA and their PR company for an explanation of this false accusation, which had not previously been part of the BCA case.
Indeed, Lord Justice Laws had been careful to note in his judgment yesterday that there had been no allegation of malice or question of bad faith.
If Simon Singh now chooses to sue the BCA they will have to justify their allegation as a fact. They would not be able to do so. Rest of article

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