Making the complaint fit the GCC Code of Practice so charges can be brought.

The last few days I have been attending a PCC hearing, Dr Monica Handa is the defendant. A complaint was made to Dr Handa by a patient. Then the complaint was changed, apparently because the patient wanted to "deal with infringements to our code of practice separately" She admitted to speaking with a number of GCC officers however she did not mention anyone by name. Presumably on was disgraced GCC deputy registrar who had to resign from the GCC for posting anti chiropractic remarks on internet forums.

Then we have the GCC expert Richard Brown and his two reports. Richard was instructed to produce a report to assist the investigating commitee as to whether there was a case to answer for Monica Handa. In his report Richard Brown concluded from the allegations made by (Patient A) that he could not support the allegations being made. This advice was ignored and the Investigating committee proceeded to formulate a list of charges against Monica Handa as detailed in their notice of allegations.

With these allegations in hand someone asked Richard Brown to prepare another report for the PCC dealing solely with the the allegations formulated by the investigating comittee giving two hypothetical opinions, depending on whos evidence the PCC prefered.
For example they could have said; What would you think if Monica Handa used thum screws to get patients to attend lay lectures and if she did that would you consider this to be unprofessional conduct?
To paraphrase the 4 charges.

It is alleged that Dr Handa failed to explain to her patient to a satisfactory standard what a "leg length discrepancy" was ; She failed to mention to the patient that subluxations go pop when corrected; That Dr Handa threatened the patient that her treatment would be "terminated" if she failed to attend a patient education workshop. and the final charge that the patient could not go elsewhere and receive treatment because Dr Hand was slow in sending patients notes to a solicitor. "And in relation to the facts and matters alleged you have been guilty of unacceptable professional conduct" signed Gregory Price.

Today after hearing the patients testimony, the GCC asked the PCC if they could change the charges to say Dr Handa would suspend treatment instead of terminate it, because the patient was unable to support Mr Price version of the charges????

This case is going to be up there with the case when a member of the public accused a chiropractor of "raming his fingers up the patients arse" while the patient was wearing jeans sitting on a chair.

Or the case when the patients wife showed up a month after the patient had not followed a treatment plan saying her husband was not better and she wanted her money back for the first visit or she would ruin the chiropractor, calling him a “Black Thief”. Or the complainant with a criminal record and a credibility problem??? All these charges had Greg Prices name on them.

There should be an independent investigation of all the cases he was involved in. For some reason Peter Dixon or Margaret Coats do not want to go there.

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