The Department of Health tells an Osteopath that health regulators are only accountable to themselves.

January 12, 2011


SnoutsInTheTrough Julia Spivack is a qualified osteopath,  a few years ago she had a vexatious complaint made against her and since has devoted much of her time  to exposing the way health regulators operate. She used all the proper channels as advocated by the chiropractic associations who have stated the have no confidence in the way the GCC is regulating the chiropractic profession. in December 2010

This is what she has written to two prime ministers one Labour another a conservative “The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) abuses its statutory duties and powers to tell lies, to fabricate complaints against practitioners and to kill practitioners and members of the public and damage patients in a calculated cold-blooded fashion”.

Like me she has been referred to the CHRE and has had lengthy exchange with the CHRE going back to the autumn of 2007 over the destructive behaviour of the GOsC.

They also said, (like bonuses to bankers) there was nothing they could do about the regulators. The Privy council have said the same.

She got in touch and interviewed myself and a number of other chiropractors and concluded that the GCC was also failing in their primary duty to protect the public and grossly abusing their statutory powers to the serious detriment of patients and practitioners and their families. Julia told them that she had resigned from the Osteopathic register of the GOsC because it poses a “danger to patients”. I told her she was wasting her time and this is the most recent letter from the DOH washing their hands of the matter. What is amusing about this letter I had an almost identical one in 2006 from another “Sir Humphrey” at the DOH.


DeptHealth6thJan2011Page2 Julia responded to this letter with the logical conclusion

“The GOsC was created by an Act of Parliament (Osteopath’s Act 1993) and as you say provided with a “legislative framework” by government. If they were created by Parliament then government ought to have ultimate jurisdiction over them. However you are telling me that once created by government these quangos are free to do as they like including killing people and wrecking lives with no accountability to anyone but themselves.

As the government has no control over these “regulators” once they have been created then they are legally void in our sovereign constitution and therefore their remit is fraudulent. Thus they are outlaws, brigands and criminals which explains why the behave like criminals.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Julia Spivack BSc (Hons), DO, MSCC, MICO, Dip Hom, MSc (Ayur)

Independent primary care physician in natural medicine.


Mr David Cameron PM; Ms Nadine Dorries MP ; Mr David Tredinnick MP”

For those of you considering of taking a complaint to the GCC, (you must take care not to criticise the registrar, the chief executive, returning officer, secretary to the committees, etc etc Margaret Coats )this is the process fortunately like blue Peter I have a few investigations which I prepared earlier and that will be the next posting I do. These regulators have a statutory duty to protect the public, how can anyone have any credibility in them when there is no one who can hold them to account when they have all been appointed to their positions by the very people who have been unable to regulate competently . You could not make this up could you.

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  • Richard Lanigan

    You are absolutely right, there is no knight in shining armour.

    I have met many journalists and MPs to discuss the GCC. The problem is, the chiropractic profession does not have the credibility for them to care, especially after recent events. Earlier in the year I had lunch with Nina Lakhani and her editor from the Independent on Sunday to discuss my experience on the GCC. Listening to myself I could have forgiven them for thinking I was a nutter with the stories I was telling them. They could not understand why the professional associations seemed quiet happy with the situation I was describing. I accept how it looks to outsiders and I cannot to be passionate about some thing thats so negative.

    Our conversation soon moved on to something I am passionate about; Cuba , I told Nina about the Cuban literacy campaign, the most successful literacy campaign of all time something I have been giving lectures on for many years and the Henry Reeve Brigades work in Hati which has been much more effective than anything produced by the” international community” after the earthquake.

    The editor was really positive and Nina went out to Cuba to see for herself and has written some of the best articles I have read about Cuba which have received international acclaim even praise from Fidel Castro himself

    All this has made me realise what a small uninteresting group the chiropractic profession is to all but our patients and its up to individual chiropractors to change this perception.

    Some one said to me the other day that Peter Dixon and myself are the best known chiropractors in the UK. If thats the case its unfortunate I am not allowed call myself a chiropractor and Dixon has no substance . In the coming months chiropractors need some people with a bit of charisma to start speaking on their behalf or the their future will be very bleak.

  • Joe Public

    Agreed. I know you have been saying this for years, and I am supporting your view. I’m hoping that the more it is said the more people will believe it and start to act accordingly.

    A mirage of myths about who can hold the regulator to account have protected it til now (e.g. only the Privvy Council can do anything etc) . This DoH letter blows that out of the water. It invites the profession to sort out the problems for itself.

    The other fantasy is that there is a journalist or a politician who will sweep in on a white charger and save the day. Not going to happen.

    The DoH letter makes it clear that the only people to whom the GCC is accountable is chiropractors.

  • Richard Lanigan

    The profession has always had the power (they payed registration fees, they elected representitives). Unfortunately there was no leadership, just four associations fighting among themselves.

  • Joe Public

    Another way of looking at this would be that there is no government body (from the Privvy Council down) who will protect or defend those who run the GCC. They have effectively washed their hands of them. The DoH affirms that it is about self-regulation so the power is with the profession. If chiropractors change their mindset from that of victims to empowered self-regulators then positive changes are inevitable. A good new year’s resolution.

  • Barney

    Aaaaah yes. Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt.
    My complaints to CHRE got a similar reply.

    After some months of correspondence on the GCC’s failure to fulfill their statutory duty, they finally replied that they had changed their complaints policy and would only deal with those that dealt with patients.


    Oh, and they added that they were satisfied with the GCC’s responses to my cmplaints.

    So……they DO police themselves

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