Take advantage of this one hour free legal advice from a specialist lawyer before putting yourself at the mercy of the GCC and vested interests at a closed hearing.

September 23, 2010


Don’t know if chiropractors are aware of this offer but it sounds like an offer worth investigating considering the vested interests that are coming to play with the mass complaints. Many chiropractors are facing the same charges and could pool their information. The vast majority of BCA chiropractors have taken the BCA advice and gone for closed hearing, this only lets the GCC off the hook financially. If found guilty and admonished the chiropractor wont even be able to say I resisted the GCC charge of unprofessional conduct and of deliberately  misleading the public thats would be on your record for life. Dont be bullied by the chiropractic establishment.

The offer is by Richard Nelson Solicitors with the MedicAssistanceScheme

Richard Nelson Solicitors support the health care sector as chiropractors in the UK are battling the allegations made against them.

Quote start“The Medic Assistance Scheme was created to provide any healthcare professional with up to one hour of independent free legal advice from a specialist lawyer. We understand, following the natures of the complaints made to the General Chiropractic CouncilQuote end

The MedicAssistanceScheme (MAS), founded by Richard Nelson Solicitors was set up to help professionals within the health care sector who may be subject to investigation through regulatory, disciplinary and professional issues. Since the summer of 2009, following the high profile libel case involving The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) v Singh (England and Wales Court of Appeal – Civil Division. Case No: A2/2009/1196), a quarter of all chiropractors in the UK have found themselves under investigation by their regulatory body, the General Chiropractic Council(GCC).

The BCA’s battle with Simon Singh over his questioning of some chiropractors claim to treat certain children’s conditions came to a conclusion on 1 April 2010 when the BCA withdrew their case. Singh’s two year struggle was supported by the public and an active online community who rallied over the abuse of UK libel laws in scientific discussions. The Sense About Science campaign attracted a following of over 2,000 people including scientists and specialists since its launch in June 2009.

Further high profile regulatory investigations include the case of the Advertising Standards Agency vs. Dr Carl Irwin (Complaint Reference 79607), over the misuse of the title doctor as well as Alan Henness’ complaint to the GCC regarding the nature and claims made by over 500 chiropractors on their websites.

This sudden rise in chiropractor complaints has resulted in an overwhelming number of cases for the BCA to defend. In addition the BCA’s has found itself in a difficult position in relation to the Henness’ complaints as some of the material used on practitioners websites was sourced from the BCA itself. This has presented a legal conflict on which the BCA has advised its members in case they wish to seek independent legal advice. In addition, due to the sheer volume of cases, there are limitations on the extent of the assistance the BCA can provide.

As pressure increases on the BCA the MedicAssistanceScheme is well placed to offer advice and guidance to chiropractors on how best to proceed, particularly if their case has been referred to the Professional Conduct Committee. Those referred need to consider whether to accept assistance from the BCA or whether to seek independent advice, particularly in relation to any waivers or the offer of ‘paper’ hearings by the GCC.

This proves to be a disconcerting time for chiropractors as many are struggling to obtain the help needed to defend their reputation and businesses.

Deborah Nicholson, Director of Healthcare Law for Richard Nelson Solicitors comments, “The Medic Assistance Scheme was created to provide any healthcare professional with up to one hour of independent free legal advice from a specialist healthcare lawyer. We understand, following the natures of the complaints made to the General Chiropractic Council regarding the content on a number of chiropractic websites, the BCA is in a difficult position following identification of a legal conflict between the interests of the organisation and protecting its members. MAS can provide any chiropractor referred to the GCC with advice on their position including the significance of any waiver documents they have been asked to sign.”

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  • Paul

    excellent Richard – hope chiropractors get to find out about this offer and take advantage of it

    Just about to comment on Ernest Ernie’s latest musing on pulse


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