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A chiropractic adjustment performed skilfully works whether you believe in it or not.

January 13, 2010

Only the most dogmatic sceptics would argue that chiropractic is not an effective intervention for spinal joint dysfunction/subluxation. The challenge for the chiropractic profession is to articulate the theory of the vertebral subluxation complex and explain how this theory relates to other conditions. Consensus is the key to the future success of the chiropractic...

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I get spinal joints moving again, I dont treat conditions, I do cross my fingers

October 1, 2006

t is not getting them to understand chiropractic that is the problem, its getting them to comply with your advice. Everyone knows exercise is good for them but they are not committed and do not keep it up for whatever reason.Chiropractic has the same problem. it is not difficult convincing someone that spinal joints...

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