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Subluxation Chiropractors must make sure there is not a grain of truth in allegations being made by sceptics

January 1, 2007

As a profession we must make sure that none of the allegations being made about subluxation chiropractors have a grain of truth in them. Articles like the one below by Stephen Barrett are all over the internet. First we have to ask members of the public who visit our office why they are here,...

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Unethical Practice by drug companies

June 26, 2006

Kickbacks, cartels and chatrooms: how unscrupulous drug firms woo the public · Companies violate own ethical codes, says study · Patient group promotions bypass ban on advertising Sarah Boseley, health editor Monday June 26, 2006 The Guardian Drug companies use unscrupulous and unethical marketing tactics not only to influence doctors to prescribe their products...

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