Surely the Danes did not leave the European Chiropractic Union because of General Chiropractic Council chairman Peter Dixon ?

October 5, 2010


 donkeyrescue My first exposure to Chiropractic was in Denmark. I lived there for twelve years in the 80s. Chiropractors are respected as any health care workers should be and the profession is probably more united and better organised than any country in the world. Denmark left the European Chiropractic Union six years ago, after four years of Peter Dixon as president of the ECU. The new president of the ECU Oystein Ogre has recently approached the Danish association with a view to return. He does not name names in his blog but this is what he had to say about Denmark leaving and does not refer directly to the ass in the hole.

“Denmark left the ECU 6 years ago. Without going into  details, it was a general feeling among the Danes (and others) that many of the chiropractic associations in Europe ignored what was happening in Denmark. There must be something to learn from our success was the underlying message from Denmark. After many years of what the Danes felt were bad leadership in the ECU, Denmark had had it. They left, and haven´t regretted since.

I do believe that the situation is different now. The associations in the ECU do see that we do have to get better organized to make progress. We do acknowledge the fact that we do have to invest in our own profession to advance, and we do understand that we must render high quality service with the best ethical standard if we want our profession to survive in the future.”

So after bringing the ECU to its knees, the UK profession  elect Peter Dixon onto the GCC. The chairman has to resign and its Peter Dixon who is  elected the new chairman in 2006 and within five year the regulatory body that everyone thought would be good for chiropractic  has brought the profession to its knees in the UK.

Now he has become a pariah within the UK profession, perhaps the Danes will feel its safe to re enter the ECU 

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  • Paul

    “Surely the Danes did not leave the European Chiropractic Union because of General Chiropractic Council chairman Peter Dixon ?”

    In short yes they did.

    As I know it, the Danes were unhappy at paying so many dues and not having a comparative say in the decision making. They wanted everything their own way, wanting the smaller nations holding out against medipractic to tow the line and stop running a fair and equitable ECU with their money.

    (much like the present BCA did except the Danes weren’t deceitful about their intentions)

    Peter Dixon contacted their members directly in contravention of ECU policy at that time and so tried to circumvent the Danish President and executive outling their case and having an internal discussion regarding the future of the association and the profession within the ECU.

    This was the fianl straw for the Danish Association that the integrity of association sovereignty was to be flouted and they left.

    They have little or nothing to gain by rejoining whilst the ECU has a lot to gain (dues, credibility and a strong medipractic ally) – it will be interesting to see how far the ECU executive are willing to bend for them.


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