Someone should warn these poor bastards, what they are getting by hiring Margaret Coats as Registrar

August 10, 2011

coats on sunObviously she got a glowing reference from Peter  Dixon et al as they thought she had done a great job bringing the chiropractic profession to its knees now she is to turn her attention to Alexander technique, Aromatherapy, Bowen, Hypnotherapy,Massage,Naturopathy, reflexology, etc etc and do the same to them. Like Coats, Greg Price was forced out nevertheless was able  to get the exact same job for the regulator for psychotherapists until members found out what he had been up to and they forced him out. Lets hope the same happens to Coats, but I doubt it its called cronyism.

Media Release for the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council
8 August 2011
CNHC Appoints new CEO / Registrar
CNHC Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Margaret Coats as Interim CEO/Registrar from 1 September 2011. Margaret was CEO and Registrar at the General Chiropractic Council until April 2011 and has recently been working with CNHC in an advisory capacity. She has an impressive career pathway, including roles as CEO of the Occupational Standards Council for Health & Social Care and Head of the NHS Open Learning Unit. Margaret will be working 3 days a week initially, whilst undertaking a review of the organisation’s structure and functions.
Maggy Wallace, CNHC Chair, commented: “We are delighted to have secured the services of such an experienced CEO at this time. Margaret’s experience in the regulatory sector and beyond, together with her extensive networks, will bring additional resource to CNHC to support its future development. I know the Board look forward to working with her and reaping the benefit of her wide experience.”
The CNHC Board, at its meeting on 2 August 2011, expressed its gratitude and appreciation to Maggie Dunn, who stands down as CEO/Registrar from 31 August 2011. Recognition was given to the huge amount of progress that CNHC has achieved since its inception, a significant amount of which has been due to Maggie’s tireless involvement.
Tribute was paid to the time and effort she has given to the organisation since 2008, particularly in building up excellent working relationships with the CNHC’s Professions Specific Boards and Professional Associations. Her skills in mediation and problem solving have proved invaluable in bringing different groups together, to recognise how much they have in common, as well as celebrating their own unique features.
Maggy Wallace, CNHC Chair, said: “Maggie’s unstinting commitment to getting CNHC up and running as an effective body has been exemplary. Maggie has been a real pleasure to work with and we are delighted that she remains on the Board of Directors and will continue to build and maintain links with professional colleagues.”

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  • Richard Lanigan

    Hi I am doing well was in France last week learning to surf. Have finished radiation and first course of  chemo and am having my areshole removed on the 24th.

     I will send it to the GCC so they can use it to chair meetings. 

  • CDC

    Hi Richard!
    How are you doing?
    Best wishes!

  • Richard Lanigan

    These people are jobs worths who if they were any good would be working
    in their chosen profession. The new Chief Executive will take a lower profile and let Dixon do all the shmozing. These people are good at pushing paper clips around
    and not upsetting people with influence. Look at all the other
    regulators, FIFA, the Banks, Newspapers etc etc. These were the people who were tared and feathered after the Nazis left France. If there was any justice Coats would have been tared and feathered and we would not have to hear some one from another regulator or the CHRE tell this bolox “We are delighted to have secured the services of such an experienced CEO
    at this time. Margaret’s experience in the regulatory sector and
    beyond, together with her extensive networks, will bring additional
    resource to CNHC to support its future development”

    Chiropractors have been
    brainwashed into believing the GCC is a necessary evil. It is designed
    to medicalise and reduce chiropractic, to the lowest common denominator
    of the worst chiropractors on the register, whose ability is based on research by chiropractors who for
    what ever reason, mostly are no longer in practice.

    The best and most successful chiropractors are the ones whose patients recommend them, they wont need the GCC to endorse them

  • PaulM1234

    Isn’t it odd how she was moved onto this board – has someone got medicalisation of these therapies in mind?

    BTW hope this chap is better on the GCC than that turd coats ….

  • rodmacmillan

    I nearly subluxed myself laughing

  • Barney

    God help the CNHC. Yes, Richard, Coats damaged the GCC extensively and, at her age, should be retired -from everything. There is no doubt she cannot let go of the power…the control……the manipulation (without a license)


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