Simon Singh supporters take campaign onto Britain’s got talent

April 30, 2010


Can Margaret Coats sing? She represents chiropractic everywhere else.

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  3. Last summer BCA president Tony Metcalfe tried to calm members concerns about Simon Singh by telling them“How many of your patients are aware of what is going on”
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  • dazed
  • Richard Lanigan

    Not to forget Evan Harris lost his seat. Did they have music videos??

  • fed up

    The skeptics thought it would be a good idea to put a scientist up for election in Bosworth against the mad woo loving conservative David Tredinnik. Everybody had high hopes, how the hell can somebody who supports CAM be allowed to stand for parliament without a science based opponent. Obviously all the sensible people would have to vote for the scientist. I mean all the twitter skeptics are confident that science will always beat woo.

    D Tredinnik Con 23132

    Michael Brooks Science 197 yep that’s 197 I demand a recount!!!!!!

    And just to show how out of touch with the real world these skeptic scientists are the BNP got 2458 votes.

  • Bertisson

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