Simon Singhs Guardian article and my analysis

April 19, 2010

Last summer Sense about Science asked bloggers around the world to reproduce the article Simon Singh wrote in the Guardian in April 2008 as a show of solidarity with the campaign to keep Libel out of Science. In asking bloggers to publish Simons article minus the “Bogus” comment “Sense about Science” seem to be forgetting their core value. The article was crap and no serious scientist would consider tabloid tennis an appropriate method to conduct scientific debate.

The Guardian pulled Simon’s article from its website, either because they were afraid of the BCA or because the Guardian saw the piece for what it is a bit of sensationalism to promote a book.

Perhaps Sense about Science should start a campaign to keep sensationalism and tabloid style journalism out of science. I support the campaign to keep libel out of science and in solidarity with the campaign I have reproduced the article and provided some commentary in red where the facts do not stack up.

Beware the spinal trap

by Simon Singh

This is Chiropractic Awareness Week. So let’s be aware. How about some awareness that may prevent harm and help you make truly informed choices? First, you might be surprised to know that the founder of chiropractic therapy, Daniel David Palmer, wrote that, “99% of all diseases are caused by displaced vertebrae”. In the 1860s, Palmer began to develop his theory that the spine was involved in almost every illness because the spinal cord connects the brain to the rest of the body. Therefore any misalignment could cause a problem in distant parts of the body.

If I was going to criticise a health care profession, I would say it was important to have all my facts and provide accurate information. DD Palmer was 15 in 1860, worked as a teacher in the mid 1860s, worked as a bee keeper and small famer  in the early 70s. The first mention of DD Palmers involvement in “healing” was in 1885 when he became a magnetic healer. It would seem he was in fact developing “developing his theories” in the 1880s rather 1860s, I suspect Simon Singh has confused DD with Andrew Still who founded Osteopathy and was developing his theories about manipulation in the 1860s.

DD Palmer’s hypothesis was that interfering with nerve function would affect optimal well-being, he explained his theory around “displaced vertbrae”. Palmer’s understanding of the effects of spinal manipulation should be viewed in its time (the late 19th century) when surgery had a mortality rate of 76%. I know of no 21st century chiropractor who would explain chiropractic as Palmer did, or a surgeon who would operate in his street clothes without a mask. To define chiropractic along these lines is like defining medicine the way Harold Shipman practised.

In fact, Palmer’s first chiropractic intervention supposedly cured a man who had been profoundly deaf for 17 years. His second treatment was equally strange, because he claimed that he treated a patient with heart trouble by correcting a displaced vertebra.

Stranger things have happened. Here we have a news report in 2008 stating a chiropractor restored a mans sight. I think its fair to say if Palmer had observed Harvey Lillard getting his hearing back he may have thought that he had discover the holy grail of healing. Look at the competition at the time 1895??

You might think that modern chiropractors restrict themselves to treating back problems, but in fact they still possess some quite wacky ideas. The fundamentalists argue that they can cure anything. And even the more moderate chiropractors have ideas above their station. The British Chiropractic Association claims that their members can help treat children with colic, sleeping and feeding problems, frequent ear infections, asthma and prolonged crying.

Whether sceptics want to believe it or not, I have helped children with all these problems.  Lets look at “Ear infections” and I will try not to let my “ideas rise above my station”. For many years ear problems have been misdiagnosed by medics and treated ineffectively with grommets and antibiotics.

So what is a clinician to do. Angela Peel White my anatomy tutor at The Anglo European College of Chiropractic was a qualified GP. I never held it against her because she was a brilliant tutor. She told us know the anatomy of the region you are examining. If you look at the inner ear it has “drain” called the eustachian tube. Its narrower at the top, children with small little necks have only a small gradient and the tube does not drain very well. The blockage causes pain due to the discrepancy of the air pressure outside the ear drum and inside. This can also be a problem for inexperienced divers. Who are not able to “equalise” ear pressure as they decent in water.

The biological explanation as to why “manipulation” could help a child with otis media is very similar to how experienced divers equalise when the eustachian tubes are blocked and unable to relieve the pressure on the inner ear as they descend in the water. They crack their TMJ as if blowing rings smoking dope (I am a child of the 60s), this helps open the eustachian tube and equalise the pressure on the ear drum.

There is also a neurological explanation, I will spare the details suffice to say when Professor Ernst or chiropractic sceptics say there is “no biological reason why spinal manipulation should with help ear Infections” the anatomy shows clearly they are talking through their collective arses.

I have four children, young children cannot crack their jaw themselves, the adjustment requires skill and practise, not all chiropractors can do it and that’s a problem when chiropractors enter these clinical trials. I am not an academic, I am just a clinician.

Then Simon continues to the bit that upset the BCA

……..even though there is not a jot of evidence. This organisation is the respectable face of the chiropractic profession and yet it happily promotes bogus treatments.

First I would question whether the BCA leadership is the respectable face of chiropractic. No One would dispute that the “scientific evidence” is weak for these conditions, which account for a very small part of my practice 5% and I probably see more children than most chiropractors.evidence However if we look at Professor Ernsts own “Hierarchy of Evidence” at the bottom there are “case reports” and “observational studies”. Yes much of the chiropractic evidence is at the bottom of Ernsts pyramid however “not a jot of evidence” would only be accurate statement if Professor Ernst were to remove the bottom of his pyramid. David Sackett coined the term “Evidence Based Medicine” he based it on 4 pillars the “best available” published peer reviewed research, the ability of an experience practitioner to apply the “best available evidence” to the patient standing in front of them. And the patients own beliefs. Thats what distinguishes clinical science from physical science and perhaps someone should explain the difference to Simon Singh  

In addition anyone with a limited knowledge of the politics of the chiropractic profession would know that the BCA leadership with rather stick to musculoskeletal pain syndromes and probably puts childhood disorders on their website to prevent more members from leaving the association. If Simon had directed those comments at the UCA or the McTimoney association the BCA leadership would have been leading the applause.

I can confidently label these treatments as bogus because I have co-authored a book about alternative medicine with the world’s first professor of complementary medicine, Edzard Ernst.

What does that prove?  Margaret Thatcher was the first women prime minister we can only pray the second one is better. The chapter on chiropractic in “Trick or Treatment” has only three chiropractic references all by the co-author Professor Ernst which should have set alarm bells ringing in a science journalist with a PhD. To pad out the chiropractic chapter they finish it talking about homeopaths and vaccines. I told Simon I did not believe he had written that chapter and it was all Ernsts work but he says he did write it.

Ernst learned chiropractic techniques himself and used them as a doctor.

I can carve a joint, this does that make me a surgeon? Chiropractors spend five years learning to adjust spinal joints. Simon has not visited the Anglo European College of Chiropractic to see how chiropractors develop their skills and Guardian readers  are expected to believe professor Ernst thought himself these “chiropractic techniques” over a few weekends and it would appear he was not very good at it, many failed practitioners end up in academia.

This is when he began to see the need for some critical evaluation. Among other projects, he examined the evidence from 70 trials exploring the benefits of chiropractic therapy in conditions unrelated to the back. He found no evidence to suggest that chiropractors could treat any such conditions.

But what about chiropractic in the context of treating back problems? Manipulating the spine can cure some problems, but results are mixed. To be fair, conventional approaches, such as physiotherapy, also struggle to treat back problems with any consistency. Nevertheless, conventional therapy is still preferable because of the serious dangers associated with chiropractic.

In 2001, a systematic review of five studies revealed that roughly half of all chiropractic patients experience temporary adverse effects, such as pain, numbness, stiffness, dizziness and headaches. These are relatively minor effects, but the frequency is very high, and this has to be weighed against the limited benefit offered by chiropractors.

Arthritis is a chronic condition suffered by millions of British people often it has developed because it was not managed properly when it was just a small ache ( Pain killers and anti inflammatory medication to mask a mechanical problem). In May, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence  in the UK published its guidelines for the management of Low back pain . What was extraordinary about these guidelines is that they were stating that doctors should no longer offer; Spinal injections, Traction, Lumbar Supports, Ultrasound, Interferential, Laser and should consider a course of spinal manipulation by a chiropractor or an osteopath or acupuncture instead. cartoon

In effect NICE is stating that the orthodox methods for treating back pain has not worked and the evidence is suggesting that it would be cost effective for the NHS to pay for complementary treatments like chiropractic and acupuncture in the future.

More worryingly, the hallmark technique of the chiropractor, known as high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust, carries much more significant risks. This involves pushing joints beyond their natural range of motion by applying a short, sharp force. Although this is a safe procedure for most patients, others can suffer dislocations and fractures.

Worse still, manipulation of the neck can damage the vertebral arteries, which supply blood to the brain. So-called vertebral dissection can ultimately cut off the blood supply, which in turn can lead to a stroke and even death. Because there is usually a delay between the vertebral dissection and the blockage of blood to the brain, the link between chiropractic and strokes went unnoticed for many years. Recently, however, it has been possible to identify cases where spinal manipulation has certainly been the cause of vertebral dissection.

Laurie Mathiason was a 20-year-old Canadian waitress who visited a chiropractor 21 times between 1997 and 1998 to relieve her low-back pain. On her penultimate visit she complained of stiffness in her neck. That evening she began dropping plates at the restaurant, so she returned to the chiropractor. As the chiropractor manipulated her neck, Mathiason began to cry, her eyes started to roll, she foamed at the mouth and her body began to convulse. She was rushed to hospital, slipped into a coma and died three days later. At the inquest, the coroner declared: “Laurie died of a ruptured vertebral artery, which occurred in association with a chiropractic manipulation of the neck.

This case is not unique. In Canada alone there have been several other women who have died after receiving chiropractic therapy, and Professor Ernst has identified about 700 cases of serious complications among the medical literature. This should be a major concern for health officials, particularly as under-reporting will mean that the actual number of cases is much higher.

Bearing all of this in mind, I will leave you with one message for Chiropractic Awareness Week – if spinal manipulation were a drug with such serious adverse effects and so little demonstrable benefit, then it would almost certainly have been taken off the market.

Picturbnne1 Which drugs, Viox, Celebrex, statins etc,etc. In 1998 Lazarou et al estimated that 106,000 people die each year from adverse reactions to prescribed medications. Thats the equivalent of a jumbo jet crash every 2 days and no public enquiry? Professor Ernst has spent the last ten years trying to convince the British and Irish public that chiropractic is more dangerous than medicine.

The tragic story of Laurie Mathiason who suffered a stroke ten years ago while receiving chiropractic treatment in Canada is not convincing “evidence” that chiropractic is dangerous. Every five minutes someone in England will have a stroke(National Audit Office), there are no epidemiological studies that would even hint that this finding has anything to do with chiropractic, yet Professor Ernst goes on repeating his opinion.

I have practised in the same area for almost fifteen years, I adjust the cervical spine of the vast majority of my patients and I don not recognise the “dangerous” practise Simon describes. I have never had a complaint or hurt anyone, occasionally a patient feels worse after the first visit, but thats about it. If patients were having strokes surely I would have heard something and the fact Ernst wont let poor Laurie Mathiason rest in peace because he needs this anecdote to bases the theory on which has created his media profile, dont kid youselfs Professor Ernst is not well known for his research he has become the Jordan of the EBM community, I wonder what David Sackett makes of Ernsts evidence base? The inconsistencies in these arguments by the sceptics are staggering, something happens after a vaccine and its coincidence, anything happens after a chiropractic adjustment and its the chiropractors fault. For a small profession we must be good at hiding our bodies, perhaps thats where Harold Shipman learned how to kill his patients without anyone noticing.


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    The former President, seen by many as brilliant political mind, admitted that Hillary’s failure to win the Democratic primary 2008 was the product of not only a deeply flawed campaign, but his own miscalculations as to how the electoral process and media landscape had changed since his own run 16 years earlier.

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    _ In Southern California, cooler and calm weather helped slow an 11-square-mile wildfire that destroyed at least 100 buildings at a mountain camp near Julian, 60 miles east of San Diego. The blaze was 40 percent contained Wednesday, and state fire spokesman Mike Mohler said a chance of thunderstorms later in the day could wet down hot spots. Evacuation orders remained in effect for 120 buildings, mostly empty vacation cabins, and campgrounds in the Cleveland National Forest remained closed.

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    After defeat to Chelsea in his opening game in charge, Di Canio secured back-to-back wins, first against local north-east of England rivals Newcastle and then Everton. But how much of this seemingly miraculous turnaround in form can be attributed to Di Canio himself?

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    “This looks like a pretty good deal for RBS,” said Gary Greenwood, an analyst at Shore Capital in Liverpool, England,with a buy recommendation on the shares. “The equity upside isstill there for them.”

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    Some figures and Algeria analysts say the president runs the risk of dividing the security services between those loyal to Bouteflika and the army and those swearing allegiance to Mediene and the DRS. 

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    The incumbent mayor has always dismissed the importance of connecting with the public. He’s been the data-driven mayor, the kind of leader who rarely used his bully pulpit. New York’s very own Mr. Spock has asserted, not persuaded, as if puzzled, even annoyed, by those who are not as impressed with logic and statistics as he is.

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    The girl’s father, Mark Frauenfelder, made headlines when he blogged about the incident on the website Boing Boing. He wrote that a TSA screener had glared at his daughter and mumbled to himself before telling her: “You’re only 15, COVER YOURSELF.”

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    That is a condition Snowden is prepared to meet, according to Russian rights workers who attended a meeting with him on Friday at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. But given Snowden’s position that his leaks only benefit the American people, it remains unclear exactly how he interprets Putin’s terms.

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    Although price pressures remain benign against the backdrop of a sluggish jobs market, that is unlikely to stop the Federal Reserve from reducing the $85 billion in Treasury and mortgage bonds it is buying each month to keep interest rates low.

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    “With the acquisition of Sourcefire, we believe ourcustomers will benefit from one of the industry’s mostcomprehensive, integrated security solutions — one that issimpler to deploy, and offers better security intelligence,”Christopher Young, senior vice president of Cisco’s securitygroup, said in the statement.

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    Yamashita said he expected many market participants wouldremain on the sidelines this week, with the Federal Reserve’spolicy meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, the U.S. second quarterGDP on Wednesday and U.S. nonfarm payrolls report on Friday.

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    If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Morin would head the Pentagon’s office of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE), an agency that will play a central role in determining how the Pentagon will achieve the $500 billion in budget cuts required over the next decade under the 2011 Budget Control Act.

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    Mourning told van Zeller that her abuser claimed he had the videos of her being raped in Arizona and he threatened to sell them on the Internet with her name attached to them if she didn’t prostitute for him.

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    Another 10 minutes and I was back home. The lights were out upstairs but as I tried to quietly sneak up past my daughter’s bedroom to grab the laptop and edit the frames as quickly as possible, an inquisitive little voice piped up: “See moon, Daddy?”. “Yes darling,” I replied. “Night night, it’s sleepy time”. Half an hour of gentle negotiating ensued to get her back to sleep whilst I edited on the stairs landing outside, a glass of red wine helping (or maybe hindering) the editing process. Maybe she’ll be a pilot one day, or an astronaut, or maybe just dream of those things.

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    Philips, a history teacher who has visited Gettysburg several times in the past, said he met members of the Confederation of Union Generals 10 years ago at the commemoration. “I was invited to join as an (aide-de-camp) to Major General John F. Reynolds. Wilcox was with General Reynolds when he was killed at Gettysburg on the first day of the battle.”

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    Letta dismissed the motivation as a “huge lie,” sayinginstead that the media tycoon, who celebrated his 77th birthdayon Sunday, was acting out of fury at his impending expulsionfrom parliament following a conviction for tax fraud.

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    Throughout the month, live chats will be organized several times a week, with one of fifty people invited by the EU on a general theme, such as employment, or on a specific topic, such as entrepreneurship, health or reconciliation between social rights and economic freedom. These discussions will be available on the website once completed.

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    JT breaks things up by allowing more pop and rock elements this time. They’re heard in the guitars of “Only When I Walk Away,” “Drink You Away,” or the 11 (!) minute “Not A Bad Thing.” But the latter two come too close to something N Sync might cut on a reunion CD we hope never happens.

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    Gatlin brought home the U.S. in 37.66 with Canada upgraded to bronze after Britain were disqualified, continuing their relay woes of past championships in which they have often failed to get the baton around a full lap.

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    Polanco was driving home at about 5:15 a.m. on Oct. 4, with DeFerrari and off-duty cop Vanessa Rodriguez sleeping in the backseat, when he was pulled over for reckless driving by Hamdy, who was operating an unmarked Emergency Service Unit van.

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    Canada Bread, which recently opened a new bakery atHamilton, Ontario, had sales of nearly C$1.6 billion in 2012.Those sales were the lowest in five years, although its netearnings last year of C$71 million were the highest in threeyears, according to the company’s website.

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    Demand for so-called IP products, which help direct data traffic inside telecom networks, grew sharply and pushed up profits, supporting Combes’ decision to put them at the center of his strategy to deliver a rebound that has eluded his successors.

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    Yeah it was all downhill for the Romans after they stopped being the tough, brutal sadists who slaughtered whole communities, turned captured women into sex slaves, threw babies onto bonfires, etc. The Good Old Days. Then, they got all soft and weak, ya know. Started following the teachings of some skinny Jew whom they crucified. Started “turning the other cheek” and all this pansy sissy stuff, when everyone knows that if someone hits you on the cheek, why, you take your broadsword and slice his legs off.

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    One man known in court documents as L1 who fled Sudan as a refugee in 1991 was naturalized as British in 2003. Home Secretary Theresa May revoked his citizenship in 2010 days after he left for a summer vacation with his family.

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    The Church teaches that marriage is indissoluble. It does not recognize divorce but only a Church-sanctioned annulment, which is a ruling that the conditions for a marriage, such as free will and psychological maturity, did not exist when it took place.

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    The offseason acquisitions have pushed the Nets’ payroll to over $100 million for next season. Prokhorov will also be responsible for a record-breaking $82 million luxury tax bill. But clearly it’s worth it to the Russian billionaire if the Nets win a title.

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    Ed Lucas then lined a 1-0 pitch for a single into shallow right for the first hit off Wheeler of the night, putting runners on first and second. Wheeler then gave up back-to-back RBI singles to Donovan Solano and Jake Marisnick to tie the game.

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    “They say that only if China accepts these so-called ‘universal values’ can it have a future,” Qiushi said. “This strong secular universalism has always been the way of Western foreign expansion, and provides the ideological basis to conquer the world.”

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    Connecticut’s Democratic governor, Dannel Malloy, ventured to a Head Start center in Bridgeport on Wednesday to announce the state would spend $800,000 to keep the federally funded preschool operating. Head Start provides education and care to young children from low-income families across the country.

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    DFAS spokesman LaRock said the agency has “no part in designating a soldier as a wounded warrior.” That responsibility, he said, rests with the medical department of the relevant military service – in Aiken’s case, the Army Medical Department.

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    “This is why we are working with them to adapt their advice leaflet for use in Scotland. Thereafter we intend to work with other bodies to make the leaflet widely available, raising awareness of the benefits that alarms can bring.”

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    The briefing was called for 5 p.m. ET, but according to the lawyers, the order from Horowitz to “refrain from conducting a press conference or briefing” was received at the Lexington Avenue office of the law firm of Reed Smith at 5:05 p.m. The start of the conference was delayed another hour by the late arrival of Tacopina, and when it finally began, reporters were forbidden to record the proceedings.

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    Change is clearly arriving at some of Bangalore’s hot new startups, where hammocks and foosball tables compete with product displays for pride of place. Returnees and second-time entrepreneurs are shaking up the job market with Silicon Valley-style ideas about work culture. Top graduates are beginning to worry less about getting a job and more about doing something exciting.

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    “The government sees a lot of room for consolidation and thereal motive here is to improve the overall standards of infantmilk formula products,” said Sandy Chen, a Shanghai-based senioranalyst for food and agribusiness at Rabobank.

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    Watsa declined to name any participants in the group, citing confidentiality agreements, or to comment on questions around possible collateral the group could use to secure financing, or on the possibility of bridge financing that could be repaid using BlackBerry’s existing cash pile.

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    Officials have been stockpiling emergency food supplies, and setting up shelters for people expected to flee the heavy winds and rains. The Indian air force said four transport planes and 18 helicopters were being kept ready for relief operations in the region.

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    Yet Tokyo Electric Power, or Tepco, has lost $27billion since the 2011 disaster at its Fukushima Daiichi nuclearplant, and faces massive liabilities as it decommissions thefacility, compensates tens of thousands of residents forced toevacuate, and pays for decontamination of an area nearly thesize of Connecticut.

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    Some Amazon employees advance the theory that Bezos, like Jobs, Gates, and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, lacks empathy. As a result, he treats workers as expendable resources without taking into account their contributions. That in turn allows him to coldly allocate capital and manpower and make hyperrational business decisions, where another executive might let emotion and personal relationships figure into the equation.

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    Information in her article about the estimated impact of the Deepwater Horizon accident on tourism in the Gulf appears to be based on a July 2010 prediction by the U.S. Travel Association, made only days after the Macondo well had been capped. Given the record tourism many Gulf areas have experienced since 2011, that estimate was obviously wrong, and the predicted loss did not occur. 

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    WASHINGTON, Oct 11 (Reuters) – The final stage of thelong-delayed U.S. farm bill is about to begin, but drafting alegislative compromise between the Senate and House ofRepresentatives is still hampered by deep partisan divisionsover cuts in food stamps for the poor.

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    Slight movements in his instruments' lights at night was enough to convince drinkers at the Barley Mow pub that the Isle of Wight was tipping up and down. Others thought it was the sign of ghosts in the fields.

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    In December, the vicious gang rape sparked angry protests and sustained soul searching over an apparent epidemic of violence against women. Among the clamor were calls for an amendment of India's juvenile justice laws, including calls to lower the age at which criminals are considered adults.

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    The deal with Formosa could also have implications for efforts by neighbouring mining companies in the Pilbara attempting to access Fortescue’s rail lines and port berths – efforts Fortescue has resisted, saying there was no room.

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    Certainly, the possibility/probability of a fire was very reasonable to presume, on the pilots’ part. Especially with a crash such as this, the tower could not ‘guess’ as to the potential for a fire to break out without warning; again leaving an evacuation to the judgment call of the pilots.

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    More importantly, the video and audio of Yankees fans cheering their drug-stained hero would instantly circulate from sea to shining sea. The pictures will leave an indelible image of fans standing by a man under siege, no matter what the rest of the baseball world thinks, no matter the lengthy 211-game suspension imposed by commissioner Bud Selig.

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    Major U.S. banks reported big profit gains this month, leading critics to contend that new rules are not actually hurting their operations. However, the returns that shareholders care more about have come down because they had to raise more capital. Goldman Sachs, for example, reported a 10.5 percent return on equity earlier this week, just about making its cost of capital. Before the crisis, that number was above 30 percent.

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    By enrolling in the EZ-Pay program you receive a variety of benefits, including: uninterrupted service, no incoming/outgoing bills, no due dates to remember, no checks to write, and no stamps to buy. EZ-Pay is the convenient newspaper payment plan that conveniently applies your subscription payment to your credit card or debit card

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    Kjos said he wants to buy more 787s – including the forthcoming stretch version, the 787-9 – to allow passenger growth at Norwegian Air that he forecast at 20 percent a year, up from about 20 million passengers a year currently. But he provided no details on potential orders or timing.

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    They did so, the standard MBA account goes, by brilliantly optimizing logistics. They perfected the supply chains, the trucking routes, and the location of new stores in what suddenly was no longer quite the middle of nowhere. Piggy-backing on the economy-wide subsidization of the cost of gas, WalMart made an array of objects available far from traditional retail centers, and at prices far lower than they would have been at the local general store with its high costs for sourcing its wares.

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    On the morning of the 12th day, the shopkeeper Abdul Rahim wrapped his two-year-old daughter, Mozia, in cloth, performed funeral rites and slipped her tiny body into the sea. The next morning he did the same for his wife, Muju.

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    ** HSBC Holdings Plc is struggling to exit itsIraqi operations, having had two proposals to sell its stake inDar Es Salaam Investment Bank rejected by thecountry’s regulator, according to the Iraq SecuritiesCommission.

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    The master suite has a 156-square-foot walk-in closet and a six-foot tub with a huge window with views of the Empire State Building — much nicer than the bathtub she wallowed in for the video, “Stay.”

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    ANZ was among four parties shortlisted to buy Lloyds’s asset finance and commercial lending units but withdrew on concerns about its ability to integrate the units with its Esanda financing arm, the Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

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    Robert Lockyer, a soldier in Cromwell’s New Model Army who was executed for his involvement in the Bishopsgate Mutiny – when the army defied orders to leave London – was also buried there after a funeral that terrified the authorities, attended by thousands of mourners wearing the Levellers’ green ribbons.

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    More and more people seem to be figuring that out, as evidenced by a huge boost in tourism from the States. It helps that Icelandic Air, a co-sponsor of the concert, has done heavy promotion in the city. Also, Arnorsdottir says, the economic crash of 2008 “devalued our currency. So more people can afford to come. Tourism has increased 25% since 2010.”

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    Securing seed money is relatively straightforward. Gettingsubsequent funding is where the real problems arise, says SimonCook, chief executive of DFJ Esprit, an affiliate ofCalifornia-based investor Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

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    The 22 independent raters used for the study, which is published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, were asked to look at “before” and “after” photos and rank attractiveness, alertness and youthfulness – and to pick which picture they thought showed the patient after sleep apnea treatment.

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    Standard packaging is a policy that would be simple to implement and enforce. Australia has already introduced standard packaging, and Ireland is going ahead next year. The Scottish and Welsh Governments and the Northern Ireland health minister have stated their support.

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    The source of the frustration was the instant – and so far,ephemeral – boost Pershing Square got by publicizing its betjust as the year was ending. The Dec. 20 presentation led to a21 percent plunge in Herbalife’s stock. That meant Ackman’s $1billion wager helped his $11 billion hedge fund gain 5.8 percentthat month, and end the year up 12.4 percent. The results werefar better than average for hedge funds last year, which mattersin an intensely competitive world where strong performancebegets fees as well as fame.

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    “There has to be from Portugal some respect for Angolanentities and an ability to manage this relationship well, whichhas not been the practice and that affects the creation of astrategic partnership,” Foreign Minister Georges Chikoti said incomments broadcast by Angola’s TPA television channel.

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    Trian said the combination of PepsiCo and Mondelez wouldcreate substantial cost savings and would benefit bothcompanies’ shareholders. Trian estimates the merger could leadto an implied value of $175 per share for PepsiCo and $72 pershare for Mondelez by the end of 2015.

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    The majority of Public Sector workers are poorly paid and the only thing they do have his a competitive pension. What’s happening under the coalition is that the pay still remains poor but also the pension is being squeezed. So what incentive to become a nurse or work in the DHS . Result is going to be poor quality and poor services. Re: expenses only a minority get them.Don’t believe Daily Mail

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    “I think it’s too late,” he told interviewer Isaac Chotiner. “The whole tragedy of this is 4,000 brave Americans [died], and I don’t know how many thousands lost limbs, and it’s all for nothing. And we had it won.”

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    The claim that I’ve seen explains it as if these paid posts replace organic posts, which isn’t the case. The News Feed algorithm is separate from the advertising algorithm in that we don’t replace the most engaging posts in News Feed with sponsored ones.”

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    Of course everyone wants a valuable learning experience. But beyond that, do you want to be part of a fast-paced city experience with a lively nightlife, somewhere secluded in the country or some middle ground in between the two?

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    This example might be a good one for Egypt’s revolution. Radical Islam must rule or ruin. Not a candidate for peaceful coexistence or “power sharing”. Look at Zimbabwe for how “power sharing” works out when an entrenched tyranny cannot be exiled from power.

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    Smith has shown flashes in the first two games that give the organization and fans hope he may develop into what they’re all looking for. He’s also predictably made some head-scratching mistakes, highlighted by his three fourth-quarter interceptions against the Patriots last week.

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    BEIJING – Most of China’s small and medium companies have seen profit growth slowing this year as costs rise and financing remains tight, the official Xinhua news agency said on Monday, citing a survey by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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    On Tuesday, Rodriguez had his longest workout at the Yankees’ Tampa complex since team physician Christopher Ahmad diagnosed him with a Grade 1 strain of his left quad on July 21. The aging infielder — Rodriguez turned 38 on Saturday — didn’t look like an athlete suffering from a quad injury; he showed far more mobility and energy during agility drills, wind sprints, batting practice and infield practice than he displayed during his minor league rehab assignment earlier this month.

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    The consequences of such a devastating attack will not only involve a horrendous number of casualties but will result in political chaos within Syria and likely consequences outside its borders.

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    So the Republicans are just playing games, sacrificing America’s best interests to make themselves look like they’re standing up to Obama which impresses their constituents. (Their constituents are easily impressed.) They’re using our country to benefit their personal careers, literally sacrifice Americans in the process. After all, people die when they don’t have access to proper healthcare. The politicians who are sacrificing Americans this way need to have their careers sacrificed. Republicans have forgotten how democracy works. They’ve forgotten how to govern and, therefore, should be removed from office.

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    “It is important that we do not think that somehow because this is happening online it is any less violent, any less dangerous than if people were shouting or abusing Caroline in the street in this way,” she told BBC Radio 4′s The World At One.

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    If Lagos were a country its GDP would make it Africa’sseventh biggest economy – more than twice the size of Kenya’s.Its large consumer market is already well established for firmslike Unilever, Heineken and Nestle.

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    However, in a prior HSPH coffee-depression study, scientists observed a maximal effect among those who drank four or more cups per day. Finnish researchers actually found a higher risk of suicide among people drinking eight or nine cups per day. Few participants in the two HSPH studies drank that much coffee, so the studies did not address the impact of six or more cups of coffee per day.

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    Firstly, he said, he plans to work with Congress to pursue”appropriate reforms” of Section 215 of the anti-terrorismPatriot Act that governs the collection of so-called “metadata”such as phone records. He insisted that the government had nointerest in spying on ordinary Americans.

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    When I explained my situation to the STA agent, I was encouraged to buy the company’s Multiflex Pass for an extra £59. This would allow me up to three flight date changes free of administration charges, though I would still have to pay any difference in fare between the original and new ticket. I was aware that fares would rise nearer the time of travel.

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    Soon, we were in the mountains. It was like driving up a wall. Traditionally, there were only five passes into the kingdom. From Balana, we had an unforgettable view: the coast 40 miles to the west; the mountains all around shaped like lion’s heads, books (“Bible Rock”) and ogres. For one Portuguese army, in 1597, it was the last they would ever see. Only 50 soldiers survived, and were sent back to Colombo, castrated, ears clipped and with only one eye for every five men. The Kandyans were serious about their independence.

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    Some electronic device makers have taken their own steps toprove their devices are safe. In 2011, tested devices by putting lots of them on a plane and seeing ifthey interfered with the plane’s systems. They didn’t, andAmazon submitted that report to the FAA, the company said.

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    The Giants have not shown one sign that they are capable of snapping out of whatever it is they are in and getting on a run. Blame everybody and everything. GM Jerry Reese put together an ill-conceived roster. Coughlin has been unable to shock this team back to life. Manning is so desperate to make a play that he can’t stop throwing it to the other team. There’s no running game. The offensive line is decimated.

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    A man told them he shot and wounded a bear on his property because he believed it was threatening him, the department said. Bears are a protected species in Michigan and cannot be shot unless they pose an immediate threat.

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    She’s also creative when it comes to entertaining the family. Instead of spending big bucks on movies, restaurants or theme parks, Jennifer takes advantage of the outdoors. “We go to all the free, local parks to run, bike and hike,” she says. “And there are often festivals or parades downtown that are free too.” The family also has an annual museum membership that gives them access to multiple museums within driving distance — and they cook pizza together every Friday night.

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    SAN FRANCISCO – Entrepreneur Nicole O’Rourke has a novel idea for raising cash that would have been illegal until this week: smacking a “fund me” sticker on every bottle or can of hair products from her start-up business, Rock Your Hair.

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    While not a new concept, homeless tours—where visitors either get up-close views of places where homeless live or actually immerse themselves in their lifestyle –is a growing trend in Europe and the U.S.  Some of these tours are run by legit organizations and aim to help these marginalized communities.  But they have their critics, with some saying these tours are tantamount to looking at animals in a zoo.

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    On Tuesday lawyers for Hayden Allen, 21, who was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder three days after the 25-year-old fusilier was killed in Woolwich, south-east London, said he had been told he would not be prosecuted.

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    Senior GSK executives in China are accused of an orchestrated attempt to falsify invoices, pay sweeteners to third parties and siphon off payments for their own use. Chinese authorities revealed last week that police were looking into deals allegedly worth 3bn renminbi (£320m), which could go back as far as 2007.

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    Finnerty led Grand Valley, a Division II school, to more than 50 victories and three Division II national titles, the last in 2006. He briefly was a member of the Baltimore Ravens and later the Denver Broncos but never took a snap in a regular season game.

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    Essentially, enhanced campaigns aim to unify PPC ads for mobile devices and traditional computers rather than allowing advanced marketers to effectively handle them as separate campaigns. They also add new levers for adjusting base bids for keywords according to device, geographical location and time of day.

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    ‘Thank you,’ she says, a flash of emotion passing across her face. Then she tells me she’s had the worst two years of her life since her marriage broke down. By the end of it we are both almost in tears.

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    Commenting on the findings, Dr Thomas Richardson of the University of Southampton, said that they show a ‘strong relationship’ between mental health and debt, however it is difficult to say which causes which.

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    Iranian oil exports have fallen by about 60 percent in the past two years as the European Union stopped purchases and most Asian buyers drastically cut imports because of the sanctions. Iran is now earning only around $100 million from oil sales a day as opposed to $250 million two years ago.

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    The organizers are also upset by a 2012 provision in the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes the president to indefinitely detain Americans without trial, and Obama’s health care reform law.

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    GOODMAN GROUP and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board(CPPIB) said they had increased their equity allocation toGoodman China Logistics Holding (GCLH) by $500 million, with$400 million contributed by CPPIB and $100 million by Goodman,bringing the total equity allocated to GCLH to $1.5 billion.

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    The existing carbon tax may actually be able to claim somecredit for reducing emissions, with Australia’s overallgreenhouse gas emissions dropping 0.2 percent in 2012 from theprior year, and those from electricity generation by 4.7percent.

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    “I went (to the plate) with one thing in mind — ‘If I can go out there and be ahead in the count, change my point of contact away,’ because as a hitter, you just try to either tie the game, or try to get on base,” says Sandy Alomar Jr., recalling his critical at-bat in Game 4 of the ’97 division series between the Yankees and Indians. Alomar, a righty-hitting catcher, did indeed get ahead of Rivera in the count during that eighth-inning at-bat, 2-0 with two outs, before belting a game-tying homer. The Yankees were four outs from advancing to the ALCS.

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    “And that unfortunately is the case in big cities throughout America. We have record low numbers of murders in New York City, record low numbers of shootings, we’re doing something right to save lives,” he added.

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    Hatewatch, which tracks extremist groups for the Southern Poverty Law Center, first detected Cobb’s plans last year when he announced them on Vanguard News Network’s forum by bragging that the town had cheap utilities and good paying jobs nearby.  Cobb’s post on the forum also urged people to move to the town right away “without letting the cat out of the bag.”

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    “IPSA is right to be reforming the gold-plated Parliamentary pensions and cutting golden goodbyes for retiring or defeated MPs, but it beggars belief that they have come up with a plan that will increase the cost of our politicians when everyone’s budgets are under such pressure.

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    “We understand that implementation of something this new,this big is going to be difficult,” said Marc Boutin, NHCexecutive vice president, who wants to alleviate theout-of-pocket burden by Jan. 1. “But we should not be creatingadditional barriers to access.”

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    Then, this summer, researchers involved in a study funded by the Oregon Zoo uncovered several western bumblebee populations around Timberline Lodge. This included some that were found in the exact spot where the 15-mile mountain bike park will be built.

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    Gun control has been a hot national issue since 20 children and six adults were killed at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, last December, prompting President Barack Obama to push Congress for tighter gun laws. Congress failed to enact a law supported by Obama that would have strengthened background checks for gun purchases.

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    The European Commission releases its annual report on how Turkey is shaping up in terms of joining the EU, which may be somewhat academic given cooling interest from Ankara and the fact that some EU states are reluctant to open the door to a large, mainly Muslim country. But it’s an interesting guide to the state of play regardless.

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    The unit of the mutual life and pensions company RoyalLondon Group appointed Michael Lawrence as a fund manager in itsproperty team. Most recently, Lawrence has worked across thefirm’s Life, Unit Linked and Royal Liver funds as a retailsector specialist.

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    Newell then retreated to the car and picked up a revolver, authorities said. When he returned to the meeting room, the 5-foot-10, 240-pound suspect was tackled by two men and shot in the leg during the scuffle, officials said.

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    This is not an update that layers new meaning onto the original material. As in Stephen King’s career-making 1974 novel and the still-creepy 1976 Brian De Palma screamer it spawned, little is explained about the telekinesis that affects young Carrie White (Chloe Grace Moretz). She lives alone in the bad end of town with her religious fanatic mother (Julianne Moore), whose oppressively prudish ways force her teenage daughter to dress in old-lady frocks and avoid boys.

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    Ground-floor or basement-level apartments have generally been the most difficult properties to move, say brokers. Such units can expect higher flood insurance premiums and will more likely be affected by regular flooding, to say nothing of future superstorms.

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    “Just mentally, man, basketball is easy. It is the mental aspect, knowing that I am going to be here for the year, for the duration of the season,” Martin said. “Last year it was up in the air. I got discouraged about it last year. My mental state right now is at an all-time high. I know I am going to help this team. I am going to be a part of a lot of wins this year, and a great playoff run. I am excited about it.”

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    Add to that the Yanks’ dominance over the Jays — the Bombers have won 13 of 16 — and it’s possible to see the Yankees getting into the one-game wild-card playoff and avoiding missing the postseason for just the second time since 1995.

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    Chief Financial Officer Frank D’Amelio told analysts on a conference call on Tuesday that Pfizer would need at least three years to consider whether to break up the company, and that the reorganization was essentially a test drive to more closely examine their respective operations.

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    Presented by Douglas Fraser, BBC Scotland's business and economy editor, it includes contributions from former SNP leader Gordon Wilson and former deputy leader Jim Sillars, from cabinet secretaries Nicola Sturgeon and Kenny MacAskill, as well as assessments of the SNP by leading academics.

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    Mrs Bellingham, who has two sons, starred in a long-running series of Oxo adverts screened in the 1980s as the mother of a squabbling family. She is well known for her roles on Loose Women as well parts in All Creatures Great and Small.

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    Keeping money in so-called “safe” investments exposes savers to one other threat: an inability to keep up with inflation in retirement. In order to grow an adequate nest egg without stock investments, experts say savers would have to sock away significantly more each year.

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    Aug 21 (Reuters) – Facebook Inc CEO Mark Zuckerberghas enlisted Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, QualcommInc and other technology companies to help him in aproject aimed at making Internet access affordable for the 5billion people around the world who are not online.

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    The CSI300 of the leading Shanghai and ShenzhenA-share listings ended up 1.6 percent at 2,472.3 points, whilethe Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.3 percent. For both,this was their second-straight daily gain.

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    MLB had launched an advertising and marketing blitz in Mexico in the early 1990s and had established new partnerships with Mexican corporate sponsors. The move to Mexico would have given MLB a foothold in Latin America.

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    He added that such schools need not necessarily be Boko Haram sponsored: there are conservative Islamic schools for children where they study under an Imam and the curriculum is all in Arabic and focused on the Koran. The sect accepts them.

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    Still, a review of the U.S. federal investigation into theWeyauwega derailment offers clues on the kinds of questions thatMMA is likely to face from transportation safetyregulators, according to rail industry executives,transportation investigators and experts.

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    “We call on all parties to facilitate immediate safe accessto these families so we can provide life-saving assistance, andto allow those families currently trapped in Al Waer who wish toleave to do so in safety and in dignity,” he said.

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    “She is going through depression and is being treated, but she is trying to move on,” said her lawyer Monica Sanchez of Gil Sanchez of Valencia Sanchez Attorneys at Large. Lee appeared in court Monday to hear Welden’s guilty plea, she said. “Nothing in the world, even if he was sentenced to life in prison, will bring her baby back,” Sanchez said.

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    “It wasn’t long before I felt the boat take off and could hear the spray flying off the hull and new something special was imminent. I heard the crew give a huge cheer as the speedo topped over 30 knots.”

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    All four safety mechanisms designed to prevent accidental detonation worked properly on one bomb, which landed in a meadow, but three failed on the other, and only a low-voltage switch kept it from exploding upon impact in a field in Faro, N.C., said the 1969 report.

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    A number of analysts on Broadcom’s quarterly conference callexpressed concerns about its lack of progress launching basebandchips with LTE, or Long Term Evolution, a technology allowingfast data transfer rates in smartphones that has become widelyadopted in the United States.

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    The reintroduction of the bill came shortly after news that the Justice Department, while probing a leak of classified information, had secretly seized records of phone calls made by Associated Press reporters.

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    LONDON, Oct 8 (Reuters) – Britain is on track to sell sharesin Royal Mail at the top of its price range, two sources closeto the deal said, valuing the postal service at more than $5billion on the final day that investors can put in orders.

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    On this week’s edition of the Daily News Fifth Yankees Podcast, Mark Feinsand sits down with Robinson Cano to discuss next week’s All-Star Game, his participation – and hopeful redemption – in the Home Run Derby, as well as what the Yankees have to do in the second half to reach October. … plus much more!

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    “Millions of Britons work late shifts, work nights they provide the service that we take for granted in the morning,” the Chancellor said. “And they are the unsung heroes of the British economy and our economic plan is going to help these hard working people as we move from rescue to recovery.”

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    In April this year, guitarist Richie Sambora unexpectedly left the Because We Can world tour, citing a “personal matter.” Rumours prevail that he has been sacked from the band in a dispute over money.

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    “This information has been in the possession of SOCA since 2009. It is therefore imperative that those who have committed wrong doing are brought to justice and I will be requesting a timetable of the action SOCA and the MPS intend to take.

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    Best is Gandolfini’s sensitive-guy-in-a-bulky-physique performance. He was a marvelously versatile actor, and, with the knowledge that he is gone, it’s doubly poignant to watch him here. Grade: B (Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content, comic violence, language and partial nudity.)

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    Gulliver, who is two and a half years into his cost-reduction drive, had cut 46,000 jobs by May and sold or closed 52 businesses. He is expected to continue to retreat from countries where HSBC lacks scale.

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    12. HerpaDerp – Equality is NOT about treating everyone in the same way – it’s about making sure that everyone has the same opportunities. Some of the children and people who are ‘queue-jumping’ simply would not be able to experience these attractions if they had to wait in a queue, so the parks have systems in place to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to go on every ride, disabled or not

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    The Associated Press obtained the memo, which says that senior U.S. leaders will continue to condemn misconduct, such as sexual assault and drug use. But he says their comments are not intended to sway particular cases.

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    For another thing, it becomes a case of diminishing returns as neighboring states introduce new and better lotto games. Then, states either lose business to another state or hit a ceiling for how many lotto tickets a population can buy. That is, as a revenue source, it’s a short or medium term quick fix but not a long term solution. Kind of like winning the lottery.

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    Cano — who won the Derby in 2011 in Arizona — will also participate in the event, looking for some redemption after his homerless effort last summer. Cano’s father, Jose, will pitch to him for the third straight year.

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    The NHS is under unprecedented pressure and is experiencing unprecedented demand. Addressing these issues requires unprecedented thinking. But it does not mean we should abandon everything from the past. The traditional values of care and compassion must be at the heart of the NHS of the present and the future. NHS England is right to call for an honest and realistic debate between NHS staff, the public and politicians about what needs to change. When that debate has been had, it is crucial that those in charge of the NHS make the changes a reality.

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    Even red carpet superstars like Emma Watson sometimes slip up! The actress revealed a tad more than she intended when her beige Giorgio Armani gown shifted to reveal a flesh-colored pastie at the “Perks of Being a Wallflower” premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

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    As for Clarke, there may yet be, it seems, an improbable chance of further Test honours. Miller said there had been problems with his temperament in the past but these had been eradicated under Ashley Giles’ guidance at Warwickshire.

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    When CMS awarded CGI Federal the first $55.7 milliondelivery order in 2011, “most of the regulations and guidanceimplementing the Affordable Care Act had not yet beenfinalized,” said the person with knowledge of the award.

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    If you had investments worth a million dollars, would you consider yourself rich? How about $5 million? Well, hold to your wallet because a new study has found that the majority of millionaires don’t consider themselves rich.

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    About 15 percent of all those who experience trauma go on to suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), according to Paul Greene, a professor of psychology at Iona College in New York, who specializes in trauma.

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    “Today’s events will simply disperse the Brotherhood and encourage them to continue their protest activities, perhaps including violence, more broadly,” said Eric Trager, a scholar at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy who has researched the Brotherhood. “We should expect the same civil strife that is likely to get worse due to the (military) crackdown.”

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    The day’s economic data was mixed, however, with growth inNew York state manufacturing for July accelerating, while Juneretail sales fell short of expectations. May businessinventories barely increased.

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    Lavabit’s statement suggested a gag order was in place, and lawyers said that could accompany any one of a wide range of demands for information. The government could be seeking unencrypted versions of Snowden’s email correspondence, other information about him, the technical means to decrypt his future emails or those of other customers, or basic information on all of Lavabit’s hundreds of thousands of users.

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    “I know that they’re facing their challenges and they’readjusting their firm internally in the way that best suits theirinterests,” he said. “And all I can say is, we wish them well,and we’re keeping a close eye on the situation.”

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    The assault was the single biggest attack in Kenya since al Qaeda’s east Africa cell bombed the U.S. embassy in Nairobi in 1998, killing more than 200 people. In 2002, the same militant cell attacked an Israeli-owned hotel on the Kenyan coast and tried to shoot down an Israeli jet in a coordinated attack.

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    A selloff in U.S. Treasury bonds began in May and gained momentum through the summer, with emerging-market currencies following suit, as investors prepared for a lessening of the Fed’s stimulus. That all reversed abruptly on Wednesday.

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    “I’ve talked to too many people who tell me before they ever get around to figuring out what it is they want to buy, they’re having to answer questions that they don’t feel they should be answering,” Clyburn said.

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    Mr Loughton today said it was a “throw-away comment” and “not really fair”. He said he wanted to focus on the fact the Liberal Democrats oppose rewarding marriage in the tax system because they have “little interest in family policy and certainly not traditional views of what constitutes a family”.

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    Still, they have deployed more than 20,000 soldiers, police and security officials for the visit. While some of the measures are routine security provided for any visiting head of state, they are compounded by the popular draw of the pope, especially because Francis has said he plans to travel around the city in an open-top vehicle and occasionally mix with the throngs.

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    He said: “The improvements that are being announced are the result of heavy campaigning by Scotland's energy sector and those who want to see renewables flourish, and should be considered a significant victory on their part.

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    The U.S. fertility rate fell to another record low in 2012, with 63.0 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s down slightly from the previous low of 63.2 in 2011.

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    Unlike other famous daughters who seemingly fell into the field after their dads’ careers thrust them into the spotlight, Abby was attracted to acting from a young age and was eager to get in the media biz from college.

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    There were about 4000 boats on the harbour playing the game and the foreshore was also packed. The problem is, on the water, there is an exclusion zone vigorously enforced by police on speedy RIBs with flashing lights.

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