Should the WFC and ECU expel the British Chiropractic Association from its ranks?

May 17, 2010


The British Chiropractic Association is the chosen representative of   the ECU and the World Federation of Chiropractic in the UK. As the BCA has ignored the views of the majority of UK chiropractors and the WFC policy statement, on the use of Prescription Drugs and the BCA council. In addition its continued support for the GCCs despite them pursuing over 600 vexatious complaints against its own members and their pursuit of Simon Singh has brought the profession into disrepute.

In my opinion the BCA should be expelled from the WFC and another association appointed to represent chiropractic in the UK and stand up to the GCC. Alternatively

British chiropractors should be allowed join the Irish chiropractic Association so their views can be represented at ECU and WFC meetings

WFC prescription drugs policy

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  • Paul

    No doubt they and the BCA know of it Fed Up and aren’t sharing.

  • fed up

    Does anybody know of this qualification or course and why isn’t it on the GCC site?

  • Richard Lanigan

    Yes I have and now so has everybody that reads this blog.

    The Information Commisioner ICO has also forced the GCC to release the transcripts of my phone calls that their investigators have taped and the report they compiled about me. The GCC refused to give it up in April 2009 claiming exemtions under data protection, I knew this was bullshit and complained to the ICO.

    Not for the firt time Margaret Coats and her GCC Stazi police have abused Data protection rules. Its just taking me so much time to put these postings together and I can only hope the rest of the profession read them. However I have a big surprise for the GCC next week and with a new Government in place concerned about the number of useless quangos, my optimism for the demise of the GCC and CHRE is high.

  • Paul

    “Should the WFC and ECU expel the British Chiropractic Association from its ranks?”


    Have your seen yet the threat delivered to the ECU General Concil at the wkend to extort €100K Richard?


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