Real doctors follow the $$$ evidence

December 24, 2010

The advert below and other versions of it were published in the magazine “Popular Science” and the Journal of the American Medical Association  throughout the 50s. Then you had all the TV ads. Camel contributed millions of dollars to the AMAs efforts to destroy chiropractic in the 70 because it was not based on sound scientific evidence.

if you took the Bigots advice in the 60s and consulted a medical doctor about your back pain, he might have advised smoking to get you to relax. A chiropractor would have done then, the same as he is doing now; adjusted the vertebral joint so why give a fuck what the bigots think.

Medical opinion is and always has been based on solid “scientific evidence”


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  1. Which health care profession has given the most ludicrous endorsement ever?


  • Barney

    In the 1970s ‘scientific evidence’ linked the cholesterol in eggs with heart disease. It was strongly reccommended to eat no more than two eggs a week.

    Thousands of poultry farmers went out of business.

    Now, for the vast majority, eggs are fine. I fact they are an excellent source of protein and the cholesterol in them safe and healthy.

    What happened to ‘scientific evidence’ between times?

    Guess it must have been a different lot of scientists twixt then and now.

  • Garland Glenn

    I use these ads in a public talk I give on occasion. My mother was told in 1961 by her doctor to start smoking to help her deal with her pregnancy with my younger brother. Of course she became addicted and it took years for her to quit. She on occasion runs my front desk and loves telling this story to patients especially those who think maybe they should see their medical doctor first and ask if they should consult a chiropractor. Of course we’re still held accountable for what D D Palmer said over 100 years ago but MDs are not never responsible for what things hanger in their closet.

    At least Camel sponsored some great race cars.


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