New Reformed GCC

In 2006 the Department of Health published its plans for regulatory reform which came out of the Shipman enquiry.

In February 2009 Peter Dixon anounced the GCC’s reforms which in effect were the re-appointment of his cronies.

Four new General Chiropractic Council members  were announced today in a press release; and there is no reason to believe this lot will be any better than the previous jobsworths. The fact is the vast majority of the chiropractic profession has no confidence in the GCC. The GCC is not fit for purpose despite what another government quango the CHRE might say. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

The General Chiropractic Council stated that it welcomed “the Appointment Commission’s announcement of the names of four new members of General Council. This completes the membership of our newly constituted Council of 14, which comprises seven lay people and seven registrants”.

Paid up member of the "Oldboys club"

Peter Dixon who was chairman of the discredited GCC remains as chairman, of the reformed GCC, Margaret Coats the source of much of the Professions discontent remains as Chief Executive, registrar, secretary to the education committee, election returning officer (not that one, there are no more elections previous one was very embarrassing for the chairman).

The GCC is not fit for purpose.

The Deputy chair Judith Worthington is still there. In fact before I left the council I estimated that Dixon had strong support only from eight council members out of the 20 and guess what, six of them Alan Breene, David Byfield, Steven Williams, Martin Capel, Christopher Stevens, Judith Worthington have all turned up on the new reformed GCC, even though the appointments were made on merit following a fair, open and transparent recruitment and selection process  The odd one out is Christina Cunliffe who came on board Peters boat at the end of my time on council and guess what she is also on the new council.

Commenting on the announcement, Peter Dixon said: “Our Council, and members of staff, are a team with the skills, knowledge and genuine commitment to public protection and development of the chiropractic profession. All are aware of the challenges facing regulatory bodies today and, by working together, will contribute to the effectiveness of the GCC”.

“The role of General Council
The role of the Council is to formulate and oversee the strategies necessary to fulfil the GCC’s statutory responsibilities, and to make sure the organisation earns and maintains the trust of stakeholders – particularly patients, the public and the chiropractic profession.”

“The Appointments Commission
Recruitment and selection of all 14 members of our reconstituted Council was carried out by the independent Appointments Commission. All appointments were made on merit following a fair, open and transparent recruitment and selection process.”

Yes Peter and pigs will fly over the GCC offices. This sounds really good for public consumption and Peter Dixon tenure as GCC chair is secure with these appointments. How did he do it?

This is the response I had from the appointments commission to my request last summer to explain the appointments process.

Hi Richard

Thanks for your enquiry.

The members of the shortlisting panel for the GCC committee consists of Peter Dixon, current Chair of the GCC, Margaret Coats, current Chief Executive & Registrar of the GCC, and an independent assessor.

For the forthcoming council campaign, the selection panel for the Chair will consist of Anna Van der Gaag, President of the Health Professions Council as the GCC representative, Margaret Scott, Commissioner of the Appointments Commission who will chair the panel and an independent assessor.

For council members the selection panel will include the newly appointed Chair of the GCC, Margaret Scott Commissioner of the Appointments Commission and an independent assessor.

I trust this meets with your requirements however if you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.coats  on sun

Kind regards


Sue Davis
Recruitment Project Manager
Appointments Commission

She then asked if i would be interesting in applying to be on the new GCC council. I presume because they were not inundated with people who wanted to be on Council as it took nine months to fill all the places.


—-Original Message—–
From: Richard Lanigan
Sent: 08 July 2008 14:18
To: Sue Vardy
Subject: RE: RE: GCC

Hi Sue,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I would rather stick pins in my eyes than work with either Margaret Coats or Peter Dixon again, in addition my wife would leave me if I got involved.

I have done my bit for the profession and hopefully the right people will be selected to sort out the mess that regulation has become


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