“Don’t believe all you read” says BCA President Richard Brown

August 6, 2010

Who remembers the BCA propaganda newsletter the “Chiropractic News” Let me start with November 4th 2004. The day the BCA sold out their members for cheap insurance, as a result  BCA members are not covered for the legal costs of skeptic complaints, interprofessional disputes, the fury of scorned girlfriends and wives etc etc. Those who stayed with MIA and left the BCA are covered. I am trying to think of something I have been wrong about, oh yes I told Rod McMillan to trust Peter Dixon. bca-insurance

The irony of this is that in November 2004 the BCA was putting out the rumour that the UCA and SCA could not insure their members. This was also around the time the BCA made 80 complaints against the UCA executive. Note the comment in bold “The BCA has brokered a a deal which has reduced its members individual premium by around £65 per head” . MIAs insurance was still £20 cheaper for better coverage. The BCA then complained to the FSA because MIA contacted BCA members directly telling them their package was better and MIA had their wrists slapped and why despite numerous invitations they refuse to gloat on the blog.


Not to Forget the students at McTimoney college in 2006 whose lives were turned upside down with out any consideration by the BCA. My last letter to BCA members in 2004 asked has the BCA lost its integrity.


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  • dazed

    please do alliance survey (just once)


  • Paul

    and the lies and propaganda

  • Lura

    I’ve always loved the purple rag mag myself. Full of such useful information

  • Paul

    Put yourself up for working within the various associations,volunteer for officership and press hard for more information about how and why decisions are being made, then volunteer for ECU work.

    That is where the medical manipulators (manual medicine) are focused upon right now. As is Christina Cunliffe.

    Time for chiropractors to stand up for their profession – look at Spain as an example.

  • CDC

    “The BCA medical manipultors have used the momentum, numbers and established conacts and various memberships of associations within Europe and worldwide to politically infect the profession from within”

    This is the very case! Any good advice to us in other European countries who are facing similar actions and agendas in our association that are taken place in UK?

  • Paul

    Presently the BCA has been taken over at the top by medical manipulators who failed to realise what chiropractic was before moving into the profession.

    Their influence and steering of the GCC has only been added to by the political astuteness of christina cunliffe as she forges out a life post mctimmoney and a registrar who has failed to remain aloof to the politics and whom lost her sense of integrity a long long time ago.

    The BCA medical manipultors have used the momentum, numbers and established conacts and various memberships of associations within Europe and worldwide to politically infect the profession from within.

    They not only have sold our their members interests but that of the profession some time ago.

    Interestingly Richard whilst now they are seeking out prescription rights they rightly point out the risk of heart attacks and cardiac death from anti inflammatories

  • dazed

    Thanks Richard. Written proof of rumours and misinformation promulgated by the Back Crackers Arsociation


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