McTimoney Chiropractic Association; no lovers of Free Speech themselves.

March 26, 2009

It is really disappointing to find the McTimoney leadership is no different from other clowns running the profession. Today I received a letter from Gil Amos who is chair of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association demanding that I remove a statement I made about GCC member Christina Cunliffe in my blog and apologise or else.

The statement I made which has caused offense is; “you are not telling me Barrie Lewis (Former President of BCA who was a GCC council member at the time) or Christina Cunliffe ( McTimoneys Pope)are not still involved with their respective associations”.
I guess this is the McTimoney association way of saying Christina Cunliffe is no longer involved with the MCA and me saying, yes I believe you Gill.

The McTim Old Girls Club, also objected to my beliefs that the associations do not provide as rigorous defence to their members as they could for fear of alienating the GCC and damaging more important political priorities.

I base this opinion on the fact Gill Amos refused to speak at the conference I organised about Statutory Self Regulation nor would the MCA notify their members about the conference, to be fair neither would the BCA and the event was cancelled. I did not understand why these executives did not want want their members to hear the views of five former Council members  about their experience of the GCC or 11 chiropractors who have faced the PCC?? Self interest thats why.

Gill tells me my comments are ill informed and incorrect, Christina Cunliffe has resigned as chair of the MCC in order that there should not be any conflict of interest with her work on the GCC. So if as Gill states in her letter “Dr Cunliffe and the MCA Executive Committee are all hard working responsible and ethical chiropractors who work tirelessly for the profession as a whole – not just the McTimoney graduates”, what are they doing about the GCCs policy of misinformation regarding Greg Price and how can we be sure the GCC are not misleading the profession regarding the Governments regulatory reforms which are being rushed through at the moment.

My blog posting was asking if the most important priority for the associations the defense of their members? Or have they other priorities, of course they have. The BCA was open about Barie Lewis role on the BCA council as their past President. McTimoney is not as open presumably because Cunliffe has plans for the new council and the UK chiropractic profession. ( Christina Cunliffe was reappointed on to the reformed GCC council Barie Lewis was not)

McTimoney have always maintained that there was BCA bias on the GCC, now Gill Amos is writing to me stating Christina Cunliffe is not biased or prejudiced (they are Gill Amos words not mine). The only time I had contact with Christina Cuncliffe before before my election on to council was when Jim O Dell entered the race and she called me one Suday morning. From the conversation I would have to say she seemed very prejudiced against Jim who seemed to me like a nice man when I spoke to him.

Christina also approached me about stopping Barie Lewis being co-opted onto the Investigating Committee. My view was I did not see how Baries views on education would hinder his ability on the investigating committee, there are clear rules to follow on the IC and personal opinions don’t really enter into it and it does not matter who is on the IC. I did object when David Byfield tried to co-opt Barrie onto the Education Committee because I thought that would not be fair to McTimoney College.
My personal opinion is that when Christina realized I would judge every situation on its merits rather than, my enemies enemy must me my friend, she decided I would not be useful. At the Council meeting in Feb 2008 there was the possibility of a vote of no confidence in Peter Dixon,  due to  his questionable “investigation” into Dana Greenes letter of complaint about Greg Price and Margaret Coats .

When possible potential candidates as the chair were being floated, I was asked if I would support Christina as chair. I said it was a non starter the BCA members would never accept it and it would unite the BCA and would polarise the profession. When the chance came for a vote of no confidence in Peter Dixon, Cunliffe was nowhere to be seen. Presumably  the information she had, gave her the leverage to get herself a better deal and Keep her on the new “Reformed GCC Council”

(This posting was my only response to Gill Amos’s letter, I heard nothing more from the McTimoney association or their lawyers)

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