Letter the Associations sent the General Chiropractic Council four months ago expressing no confidence in the regulator (a redacted version has been made public by CHRE under FOI)

February 28, 2011


Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_01

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_02

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_03

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_04

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_05

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_06

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_07

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_08

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_09

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_10

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_11

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_12

Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_13Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_14Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_15Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_16Letter from associations to the GCC_Page_17

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  • Amitpatel

    This all is starting to remind me of. Ben Ali & Hosni Mubarak and soon to be Colonel Gaddafi last days in power…. .the pack of cards are starting to fall …. and build up momentum…..

  • http://www.chiropracticlive.com Richard Lanigan

    Most of the stuff in this is all recent. If they want to know how bad things were they will have to go into the Greg Price files http://www.chiropracticlive.com/?s=Greg+Price . Not forgetting the police investigation into allegations of corruption; the investigation which Peter Dixon denied had taken place http://www.chiropracticlive.com/i-am-not-calling-peter-dixon-chairman-of-the-general-chiropractic-council-a-liar-but/ . Surely Peter was not “lying” GCC members and officers dont lie according to him.

    Lucky for them Margaret Coats was not put on gardening leave during the investigation into her role in this mess. She will be able to look after all the GCCs documents and were there to be another police investigation into allegation that GCC officers were paid money to make complaints disappear. They could just ask Margaret for help.

  • rod macmillan

    Just not going away, a bit like our unloved regulator


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