Jack of Kent is being naive if he thinks the General Chiropractic Council will tell him what he wants, under The Freedom of Information Act.

August 12, 2009

coats-on-sun Jack of Kent has sent in a Freedom of Information request to the General chiropractic council to establish what communication has taken place between the GCC and the BCA in relation to the questions raised in the BCAs Happ y Families Leaflet. Jack needs to watch The Wire to understand how the political process works, and regulators are there to keep the heat away from the politicians and I have alluded to numerous instances where the GCC have avoided providing information by using Data protection, and when they are obliged to release information under data protection they produce another exemption. If you want to understand the smoke and mirrors the GCC management use to protect the organisation, read my statement at my expulsion from council hearing otherwise know as the “Kangaroo Court”

What Jack Has to understand is the Chiropractic profession is quiet small 2,500 members, divided predominantly into two groups. Chiropractors who recognise that chiropractic is a very diverse profession, separate and distinct from medicine and some graduates from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic who crave acceptance by the medical profession, they are in a minority if you judge by the last GCC elections however they hold the senior chiropractic positions in the GCC and BCA.

It is inconceivable that the “medheads” will have put the strategy to save the GCC from financial meltdown in writing. The GCC is their baby, the GCC is how the “Medheads were going to destroy McTimoney and Subluxation chiropractors. In 1996  as Student President I was given assurances by the then President of the ECU Tony Metcalfe (BCA president 2009) and the President of the BCA Peter Dixon (GCC chairman 2009) that AEEC would be the Gold |Standard of Chiropractic education and as soon as the legislation was passed “The gloves were comming off” as Dixon put it. In an e-mail which I refer to in my “Expulsion statement”Peter Dixon refers to Tony Metcalfe as his Good friend. In a recent BCA Magazine Contact there is a picture of GCC members and Tony Metcalf and Richard Brown having a good time in Cyprus. These people are a thick as thieves and Jack of Kents FOI will reveal nothing.

Richard Brown has been the principle expert witness used by the GCC to prosecute chiropractors. I have heard estimates that he gets in the region of £20,000 per annum from the GCC and to satisfy my curiosity I have put in a freedom of information request to ascertain the exact amount the vice president of the BCA was paid by the GCC in 2009 and 2008 for work in relation to the complaints process of the GCC. The GCC ask Richard Brown to look at a complaint and make a report to put before the Investigating Comitte only last week he was the expert for the GCC in a case that ran the whole week.

For example was unable to find information as to how Richard arrived at some of his decisions and whether the GCC management had put pressure on him to change his opinion as he did in the case of Caragh Pitman and Monica Handa in 2006 and 2007. Richard gave me an explanation which to be honest was not satisfactory.

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