It would appear the GCC acted illegally when they instructed private investigators to spy on me.

August 3, 2010


The story that a “Council illegally spied on family during row over catchment area” has been covered extensively in today’s press. I have been waiting for the result of this hearing before revealing details (see below for starters) of the GCCs covert activities and issuing complaints against the GCC to the Department of Health.

The Independent

By Richard Garner

A family has won a landmark legal ruling that council officials acted illegally in spying on them to check they were living in the right school catchment area.

Jenny Paton, her partner Tim Joyce, and their three daughters, were placed under surveillance by Poole Borough Council for three weeks in 2008. Now the Investigatory Powers Tribunal – which deals with complaints against surveillance – has ruled the authority acted illegally.

The ruling could have massive implications for local authorities throughout the country following evidence that they have resorted to covert surveillance techniques on more than 8,500 occasions during the past two years. It was the first time tribunal surveillance powers granted to local authorities had been tested in an open hearing……………..Rest of article

This was what the BBC had to say on the matter.

In February 2 2008, I predicted GCC Chief Executive Margaret Coats and Chairman Peter Dixon would be gone by the end of the day. The mistake I made that time was listening to Christina Cunliffe and doing it her way. I will now predict that this time next year Margaret Coats and Peter Dixon will be gone from the GCC because I know better to rely on anybody else for help.

Fact 1 Margaret Coats Ordered covert surveillance of me GCC-order-for-PIs on the 24 of March 2009.   The GCC use Fax for all this type of correspondence no doubt to restrict the paper trail and reduce the likelihood of them getting caught. The Investigator was so blatant in his efforts to entrap my receptionist into saying I was a chiropractor, a patient became concerned for her and informed me. I went out and confronted the man who claimed his friend was a potential patient.

I immediately submitted a Freedom of information request  to the GCC  and got witness statements from the patients who were in the reception during his interrogation of my receptionist.

The GCC refused to release the Investigators report as they were obliged to as a public body under the Data Protection act and it took 18 months before the Information Comissioners Office ordered the GCC to comply and even then they had to be told a second time to relaease the rest of the documents.

I have waited for a judgment on Poole council before making it public and much of it I am holding back to see if there is a possibility of suing the GCC. Below is the summary of the Investigators report the GCC have redacted it to protect their investigators identity.

Pis-report Pis2

According to the Council for Health Care and Regulatory Excellence the GCC is the only health regulator that uses private investigators, which they have instructed 19 times. They have taped peoples telephone calls without informing them which a public body is obliged to do. The GCC informed me that they were authorised to instruct private investigators to conduct surveillance by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), however when I contact the tribunal who regulates the use of the Investigatory Powers Act, they said the GCC was not acting under their authority and so unlike the parents in the case above, I could not take the same action against the GCC for ordering surveillance on a private citizen even though they had no evidence that I had done anything wrong, on the contrary the GCC had a copy of the consent form I get patients to sign stating they are aware of the reasons I have resigned from the register and that I no longer call myself a chiropractor.

My MP Dominic Raab, has written to Margaret Coats for an explanation of their harassment of me. Over the weekend I shall be submitting my complaint of the GCC regarding  their  improper use of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), to the GCC chairman Peter Dixon. Of course this is rather ridiculous to have Dixon investigating the improper actions of his own council, thats the way the GCC has always done things and how it has managed to cover up a multitude of its sins.

No doubt I shall mention this anomaly in my letter to the Department of Health, Privy Council and any one else who is interested. If you are a member of a chiropractic association I would ask you to contact them and ask them if they think this is acceptable for your regulator to act in this illegal manner and what do they intend to do about it.

Remember the GCC could instruct investigators to spy on you without having a reason,  Coantct your MP  and inform them that the GCC is not fit for purpose. Make sure you tell them that you are not bothering to complain to the GCC because unlike the Osteopathic council the GCC does not have an independent complaints panel for dealing with complaints about GCC council, they like to keep it in house and expel those who would rock the boat and to think I had to apologise to Margaret Coats for calling her a liar.


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19 Responses to It would appear the GCC acted illegally when they instructed private investigators to spy on me.

  1. Corine Stremmel on March 16, 2020 at 17:28

    I am often to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information.

  2. Richard Lanigan on August 8, 2010 at 14:52

    That made me laugh Rod, do we have any figures on how many were sent (illegally) for Psychiatric evaluation as a condition of registration.

  3. rod macmillan on August 8, 2010 at 11:00

    As far as I know the only one who is officially sane is Gus Gibbon, the slur is classic totalitarian behaviour.

    People who disagree being denigrated and aspersions cast on their motives and character; ad hominen attacks, this behaviour is very easy to spot; the outgoing government did it.
    Ask yourself about, what does this have to do with the issues? Yes I may be a short fat badly dressed miserable specimen of humanity, but how does that affect a vote of confidence?
    The slurs innuendo and creepy behaviour were paid for by us, Gregory Price was doing his job very badly ,his boss Margaret Coates has managed the GCC and not responded in an open way to the vote.
    Each person is a gift, to be loved and cared for, I think that a short fat badly dressed miserable specimen of humanity might just have it right. Now I am off to Oxfam to buy a suit, the sort of baggy worn out look that council members wear, maybe I will apply for the Registrars job when she retires.

  4. Richard Lanigan on August 8, 2010 at 09:43

    In 2005/06 I thought Rod was a complete nut, now I know its the nuts that are the ones running the profession. They were elected and most just follow them without question taking the path of least resistance.

    Are Germans evil? or normal people who elected and followed a madman in the 30s?

  5. Paul on August 7, 2010 at 23:38

    Sorry I am afraid that if this is true and the regulator was inviolved inc the registrar and both the BCA and MCA cronies, that this needs to be more widely publicised

    f*ck these good for nothing self serving political creeps that are destroying chiropractic availability for the nations

  6. rod macmillan on August 7, 2010 at 21:52

    I am still waiting to be asked for my evidence! Diligent follow up by the GCC

    Rod MacMillan’s letter of complaint to Peter Dixon
    October 14, 2007
    By Richard Lanigan
    Dear Peter

    Richard Lanigan has passed me your e mail address. The profession > regards the GCC with contempt and despises the actions of the GCC. A > vote of no confidence was overwhelming at 77%. > > > This ill feeling does not extend to you personally; indeed it does > not extend to the majority of council, so how could a minority produce > such negative emotions? The problems currently being addressed of the > lack of any sense of proportion in the disciplinary process; and the > repeated attempts to close the McTimoney College were causing real ill > will towards the GCC. This was made so much worse by Greg Price; do > you really think that a majority of the profession does not know that > he had been posting on anti chiropractic web sites? > > Over thirty people reported Price to the police, why would they not > contact the GCC instead? Three cases of Mr Price dismissing cases > himself were alleged, one of the cases involved an indecent assault, > one alleged that a chiropractor acting as the employer of another > chiropractor contributed to his early death and the third involves a > false freedom of information reply to cover up for improper conduct. > Two cases of fabricating anonymous complaints to the police and very > many of obtaining a job by deception. > How did this man get sacked by the GCC, be reported to the police and > then get a job with another regulator? Were the truly bizarre events > of the Addleshaw Goddard passed on to his new employer? > > > That so many people would not trust the GCC with their complaint shows > how clearly the GCC has failed. The absolute lack of a near miss > system puts the public at risk, the lack of conciliation and a very > adversarial process is not the fault of registrants. The culture fails > to protect the public, and the failings are a direct result of a > belligerent adversarial style. If you deny that the public has been > failed, then I assume that you can assure me that the indecent assault > allegations were properly followed up? You would also be able to > assure me that Price did not lie in a freedom of information reply and > had not dismissed the case ? you can assure me that the GCC did > investigate the complaint into the death of Dr Savides ? > > > This leads me to the managerial style. > The leadership of the GCC is dismal; senior managers should be able > to have a near miss system, a complaints process in place and > proportionate cost effective procedures. For years there was no formal > structured complaint system, the warning signs were there for every > one to see, in his complaint Pat Flanagan the finance director of Back > to Health gave you clear warning, in my complaint written by Bankside > Law all the signs were there of a rogue employee, yet he carried on > causing misery. > > In your place I would trust to the good sense of the profession, tell > the truth, put right past mistakes and be open. This does not mean > that you would have to break the Data Protection act by naming Price; > you should however have been more open. This will not go away, the > lack of proportionate responses has meant that many chiropractors > suffered a rude adversarial approach; they told their friends and > colleagues what happened. The GCC is a grotesque parody of a > regulator, we know what went on with Price posting on anti > chiropractic web sites from work, had he not been such an oddity in > the Addleshaw Goddard case he would still be there. The cases which > were hidden will need to be investigated. I would be very interested > to know how the GCC could report Price to the police on the 21 march > 06 and then not support a prosecution for the same offence in > September 07?

  7. Richard Lanigan on August 7, 2010 at 21:45

    We forget some people have not been reading this stuff from the start. Click Greg Price on the Tag cloud and find out what an arsehole he was.

    He was hired by Margaret Coats with a remit get the bad guys (registered chiropractors)

  8. Paul on August 7, 2010 at 14:58

    And this guy got a reference?

  9. Richard Lanigan on August 7, 2010 at 14:34

    Rod, even came to a council meeting and handed the complaint to me and other council members, trouble was Margaret Coats and her sidekick Peter Dixon would not put the points raised by Rod or Dana Greene on the agenda of a council meeting and if you wanted to complain about this your complaint was dealt with (not)by Dixon

    Post to the GCC is opened by Margaret Coats and if she did not want a council member to read something she intercepted their mail which I believe is also iligeal. I know for a fact she did this to Dana Greene, Dana complained and guess what they did; trumpted up charges and treatened to throw Dana off council.

    You begin to see why I feel so proud that I went a step further and was actually trown off, the beauty of it Dixon could only get 13 council members to support his motion for what the CHRE described as a ” gross breach of council rules.

  10. rod macmillan on August 7, 2010 at 12:29

    Hi Paul

    My solicitor John Williams wrote a very convincing cross referenced complaint about Mr Price; Executive officer regulation, the deputy registrar himself.
    Pat Flanagan wrote a long complaint about Price as have numerous other chiropractors. The GCC themselves reported Price to the Police, following the police complaint by 32 people they were again contacted by Detective Sergeant Chard.

    Five ex council members wrote to complain to the CHRE, included in that complaint was allegations about Mr Price; Executive officer regulation, the deputy registrar. That complaint was passed by the CHRE to the GCC for comment. Richard Lanigan has complained about Mr Price; Executive officer regulation, the deputy registrar.

    I wrote to every council member as did Louise Chiasson and others; there can be no doubt that they knew of the allegations. Indeed six former council members have complained about him.

    I laid out a paper trail for auditors to follow; I look forwards to an audit of his activities.
    Mr Price; Executive officer regulation, the deputy registrar, complete moron.

  11. Paul on August 6, 2010 at 18:28

    Rod did you make a complaint to the GCC itself? Did you forward all info to an MP?

  12. rod macmillan on August 6, 2010 at 16:50

    “Shame the police could not gather enough evidence to nail Price for coruption, there was a rumour that he had solicited money to make complaints go away”

    I was one of 32 people who contacted the police to complain, Still waiting for an audit of the GCC, I kept everything.

    Sleep well; X

  13. Garland Glenn on August 6, 2010 at 13:27

    Richard, based on what has transpired, would it not be appropriate to charge the person in question with unprofessional conduct…conduct unbecoming a registered chiropractor. After all this is certainly a character trait which would call into question a chiropractors integrity and therefore his fitness to be entrusted with a patients care?

  14. Richard Lanigan on August 5, 2010 at 22:25

    Calling Margaret Coats a “liar” worked for me. I had to withdraw the comment on advice of my solicitor because even though what she had said at a council meeting was not correct, it does not necessarily make her a “liar”.

    Margaret Coats gave her corrupt deputy Greg Price a reference and he got a job dealing with complaints for the UK Psychotherapists. I think they call this honour among thieves. I remember his resignation letter to Coats “You were the best boss I ever had, I am sorry I let you down” (making lewd comments about Richard Lanigans penis on the internet and getting caught was not part of Gregs job description)

    Shame the police could not gather enough evidence to nail Price for coruption, there was a rumour that he had solicited money to make complaints go away. Peter Dixon refused to conduct an independent investigation, in fact he denied that a police investigation had taken place not realising I had a copy of the police report.

    I have a copy of the affidavit the psychotherapists made against Greg Price somewhere stating a member of the GCC council had informed them of Prices misdeeds and asking the GCC if the allegations were true, the GCC refused to comment hiding behind the data protection. Margaret Coats did not want GCC members to know what Price had been accused of and redacted most of the statement before letting us read it.

    The GCC spent thousands conducting an investigation to see who had leaked this information and had a solicitor interview every member of council. Coats tried to keep a lid on things before the investigation to protect Price so council members were unsure what the investigation was about before the interviews, we were all in this room waiting to be interviewed. I had a fair idea but was not going to make life easier for Coats and we were all paid to sit around for the day so no point in saying anything until I was asked and the lunch was nice.

    I was the first to be interviewed and when asked , told the lawyer, I had met the psychotherapists solicitor John Williams just before I had been elected onto the GCC and told him everything that was in the affidavit about Price , the problem then for the lawyer that it may have been a previous council member that had leaked Prices resignation letter to me and I had no idea who that person was. Nevertheless his meter was ticking and he was not going home without his billable hours signed off.
    When I came out I told the council members it was me who had supplied the information before I had been elected, their faces were a sigt. Graham Heale thought it was hilarious when the lawyers still went ahead with their interviews in case Richard was a nutter protecting someone else. People have no idea how farcical life was on the GCC all paid for with registration fees. Fortunately I can laugh about it now.

  15. Paul on August 5, 2010 at 21:56

    Didn’t he move onto another civil servant job with the help of the reference from the GCC (depsite his illegality)?

    But hey what have you got to do to get kicked off this regulatory body without a glowing reference?

    Shag a colleagues wife / girlfriend? Prostitute use? Sneaky lying? Entrapment? Illegal phone taps?

  16. rodmacmillan on August 5, 2010 at 21:09

    Does anyone know if private detectives were hired to check up on “cognitio”

    As I remember the moron posted from the GCC computers, and then had a catastrophically funny court case.
    Deputy registrar Cognitio, perhaps it should be one of those hyphenated names, cognitio-moron .

    Gregory Price gone but not forgotten, sacked-resigned-twice could be another name.

  17. Richard Lanigan on August 3, 2010 at 17:07

    The BCA council still have confidence so that leaves about 99% of chiropractors who dont have confidence in the GCC, so much for the Labour governments regulatory reforms.

  18. rodmacmillan on August 3, 2010 at 15:32

    77% I wonder what it would be now

  19. Colin Jenkins on August 3, 2010 at 15:10

    I can’t wait to see the film…


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