Is this the beginning of the end of Margaret Coats time as Chief executive of the General Chiropractic Council.

October 19, 2010

coats on sun On the 18th of September at the BCA AGM a motion was passed “that the BCA membership had no confidence in GCC’s processes, interpretation and proportionality in its regulation of the chiropractic profession”.

My view was they should have named names and stated they had no confidence in Margaret Coats and Peter Dixon which would have been more to the point. What amazed me most; 22 BCA members did not support the motion, you would have to ask what planet they have been on recently.

It would seem these events have spurred the BCA council into action and at long last they are putting their heads above the parapet. One of the BCAs criticisms of the GCC, is its failure to disclose information to defendants in a timely manner.

Interestingly Margaret Coats and her office  have form here ; In 2005 the GCC was criticised by a high court judge for its failure to disclose evidence to a defendant chiropractor Warren Gage appears they learned nothing from that slap on the wrist.

Hopefully the BCA council has finally discovered its purpose and  decided to protect the interests of its members and point out to the profession and GCC council members  that the involvement of Margaret Coats in the investigative process is not always objective and often goes way beyond her area of responsibility as Registrar, Chief executive, Secretary to the education committee, returning officer etc etc. In addition she may have told a few porkies to justify her actions in relation to investigating some cases

The BCA have concluded that Margaret Coats “involvement in the investigation process taints the process so fundamentally that there is a potential breach of The Chiropractors Act 1994”.

With this in mind I would ask readers to take 30 minutes to read my removal statement and bear in mind what has gone on in Coats office over the last 15 years. I suspect she has not retired is because she can not afford to have anyone looking through her files.

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  • Patient Observer

    CDC “Why not find a journalist…” It’s time the profession stopped looking for ‘someone else’ to solve it’s problems.

    RL “… there is no mechanism to get rid of them ….” Create one!!

    The Privvy Council, HRCE etc have not intervened to date and I doubt they ever will. If the profession is adamant that the current implementation of the Act is contrary to the intent of self-regulation (a comparison to similar bodies is a starting point) and has a thick dossier of examples to demonstrate this (very easily done) then no-one will stand in the way – not even the BCA.

    People who benefit from chiropractic are depending on the profession to protect them.

  • Richard Lanigan

    Worth a look; the whistle blower was turned down for a lay position on the new reformed GCC. I laughed when she told me because her evaluations had been so good and she did not understand why Coats and Dixon did not want her on board.

  • Richard Lanigan

    Garland @ we were so close at the meeting in 2008. Two of Peter Dixons supporters were not coming to the meeting so we had the 10 to push for a vote of no confidence in Peter Dixon and pay off Coats unfortunately Christina Cunliffe decided to change sides and I was the one to go.

    What you have to understand about this council they were not elected they were appointed by Coats and Dixon so while they call it Statutory “Self” Regulation, one might ask who exactly is “self”. It will take pressure from MPs and the media to bring this farce to an end, as happened with the Nursing Council . I believe we are coming close to that point where the Privy Council might step in and say the chiropractic profession can not regulate itself.

    I would remind chiropractors what Kenneth Allen a civil servant from the DOH said to the chiropractic profession on the 9th April 1994, when addressing the BCA Conference

    “While the profession has begun to come together in a small way at one level, through the registration Steering Group, there is a very real concern that, by and large, only a temporary ceasefire has been called between the warring factions in the profession while the Bill is before parliament. What is required is tangible evidence and increasing signs that once the Bill is safely through, things will not go back to as they were a few years ago, or that if one faction were to gain a majority on the General Council, it would not use its clout to force out anyone they don’t like, or dictate standards to the profession. Let me remove any doubt, going back to ‘how things were’ is not an option. For a start, the Privy Council will oversee the General council to ensure that the spirit as well as the letter of the law is observed”

    Its now up to the chiropractic profession to show they can put their differences behind them and achieve even handed regulation that recognises that protecting the public has a symbiotic relationship with the development of an ethical well regulated chiropractic profession. None of the GCC will go of there own accord and there is no mechanism to get rid of them unless they turn on each other, and then who would be the new chairman? Christina Cunliffe, Alan Breene, David Byfield, Steve Williams? The alternatives could be even worse thats what scares many particularly McTimoney and the UCA and I dont pretend to have a answer.

  • CDC

    Why not find a journalist who want to do a critical investigation on how chiropractors are being treated in society – both inter professional, by skeptics and by politics? There are lots of dirt to dig. I don´t suggest something for the weekend paper, but something that will start a serious debate. We as chiropractor do a lot of good with very few side effects and, in comparison with other treatments, we do it very cheap!

  • Paul

    Might not be the favorite here for saying this – although Margaret Coats is a bully and unsuited to her job, she is a puppet, and the result of interprofessional politics, poorly drafted regulatory legislation and in the case of Greg Price, I suspect the victim of blackmail.

  • Garland Glenn

    The General Council meaning the GCC General Council? If so, call a meeting, vote her out.

  • Patient Observer

    A legend has built up around the position of Registrar that leaves people thinking the occupant is untouchable or can only be removed by the Privvy Council. This is what the Chiropractors Act says:

    “The person appointed shall be known as the Registrar of Chiropractors (referred to in this Act as “the Registrar”) and shall hold office for such period and on such terms as the General Council may determine..”

    It is clearly in the hands of the profession.


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