If you did not have the courage to question Margaret Coats when she was chief executive of the GCC, now’s your chance to ask how much she got to go

October 21, 2011

Boiling-FrogsI would not want anybody to miss CAM expo this weekend at Earls Court exhibition Centre.

The promo for the event states “make sure you are there for the  UK’s only dedicated event to the complementary, natural and integrated healthcare sector.  With more exhibitors, more education and more associations than ever before it’s not surprising the whole industry is talking about it!”

“This year’s event will have over 200 exhibitors showcasing products, services and training from throughout the CAM marketplace, support from all of the major associations and over 100 seminars,workshops and demonstrations taking place in ten dedicated areas”.

One of the speakers is none other than my old friend Margaret Coats. She is going to speak about boiling frogs. She will emphasis how you dont make the water too hot to start with or they jump out, you put the frogs in the water and gradually turn up the heat.  “Margaret is looking forward to meeting the many individuals who work so tirelessly on behalf of complementary healthcare”  http://www.camexpo.co.uk/seminars-2/seminars/seminar-speakers/#7

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  • CDC

    Dear Richard!
    I am so sorry to hear about the spread. Keep anger and negativity away from you and have a good recovery. Much love my friend! 

  • http://www.chiropracticlive.com Richard Lanigan


  • http://www.chiropracticlive.com Richard Lanigan

    Hi CDC,

    I put my health status on Face Book and did not want to create too much drama here.

    had surgery 8 weeks ago to remove part of my rectum and I now have a
    temporary colostomy. The cancer had spread to a few lymph nodes and I
    will have six months chemo.  Statistically I had an 85% five year
    survival rate when the clinical diagnosis was made, which dropped to 55%
    when the pathological diagnosis was made after surgery. However my
    statistical chances keep rising as I am very healthy and have recovered
    very quickly.from surgery and radiation.  I get adjusted every week,
    have changed my diet and swim every day and am in a very good place. The
    doctors are fantastic and they know what a croc all this dependence on
    “evidence” is. They do the interventions and we cross our fingers and
    hope the bodies innate healing ability can handle the pathological
    changes that have come about because of my hard living over the years (Copenhagen in the 80s).
    If the chemo does not kill me I guess it will make me stronger.

    has changed me so much and has made it very difficult to blog. I need
    to be either very angry or passionate to blog. Anger is not in me any
    more, I cant believe how I got so worked up about something as
    irrelevant as the GCC, no one cares what I call myself they come because they have heard I am very good at adjusting spinal joints. The GCC has reduced chiropractors to the lowest common denominator as set by pseudo academics on the education committee. When has the GCC ever talked about being good at adjusting in setting its standards and there are loads of chiropractors who are crap at adjusting and many who cant. Prescribing will be their salvation.

     I am back working seeing patients and its
    clearer than ever to me who needs medical care and who needs
    chiropractic care and  the difference between a  DC and a doctor, I
    am very close to the point where I have the enthusiasm and confidence to
    share these experiences with everyone.

    Funny thing if I were to die now the
    Skeptics would say it was because of chiropractic and CAM, the
    evangelical chiropractors would say its because of medicine. Its not
    about doing either, its about patients taking control of their own well
    being and making informed choices. I feel I was destined to be put in
    this position and talk about my path to health and wellbeing, and if I
    am wrong? I have had a great life, and would rather die in my 50s, than
    be a Peter Dixon at 90.

  • CDC

    Hi Richard!
    How are things progressing. I am glad to see you are still in the game posting. Hope everything is well! Best wishes.


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