Has the General Chiropractic Council changed its MO already? Can a leopard change its spots?

September 23, 2010

Received this in yesterdays post. For about five seconds I thought how can I be so horrible to this pleasant friendly elder lady. This must be a first; an “unreserved apology” from Margaret Coats for not acknowledging my complaint sooner.


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  • http://spinaljoint.com Richard Lanigan

    To be fair to Coats although I do practice chiropractic in the UK and am a member of the European Chiropractic Union I dont use the title chiropractor or Doctor.

    Despite my best efforts to make it clear to clients that I am not called a chiropractor everyone in my community still calls me chiropractor, which goes to show you dont need the approval of the GCC if you are good at practicing chiropractic.

  • Amit Patel

    Dr Lanigan it maybe a template letter….??? We must all remember that the fees are due soon, so they have to be nice… otherwise how will they be able to pay for all those expenses!!

  • rod macmillan

    Mr? I thought you were doctor lanigan,


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