General Chiropractic Council would like to hear the skeptics complaints in private because they can not afford public hearings. Should chiropractors help them? Should chiropractors trust them?

July 20, 2010

Which chiropractors will the GCC throw to the sceptics, thats what I would want to know. The GCC must read my blog or I can predict every move Margaret Coats will make.

Margaret Coats, sorry the PCC has requested to hear the “website claims” that the GCC and BCA had on their website in private. I am sure the BCA will advise its members to comply because after the Simon Sing case the BCA will look even more incompetent than they already do, if  these complaints by arch skeptic Margaret Coats are held in public.

I would only agree to a case being heard in private if I was given assurances by my Union reps that it will be thrown out. Unfortunately most chiropractors reps are GCC “go for’s”.

The GCC have not got the money to prosecute 600 cases, but have chiropractors got the courage of their convictions?for-blog

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  • Richard Lanigan

    I saddened me how few chiropractors had the courage of their convictions and opted to take the GCC and the skeptics  in a public hearing. In fact I have only come across one chiropractor who was not prepared to take the BCA advice to bend over, it was  Connell Dorian a good Irish man. Guess what? The  GCC did not present any evidence against him and dropped the case They have made it look like they had a hearing and met knowing full well that Connell would have rejected any negative findings. The outcome of this case was always predictable. Shame more chiropractors did not have the courage or an association prepared to make a stand.   

  • Paul

    BCA and GCC – co conspirators to end the chiropracTIC profession

    I hope BCA members are proud – what a bunch of apathetic assholes

  • Richard Lanigan

    The BCA have now tested the waters for the GCC with 36 complaints against BCA chiropractors and been able to tell the GCC that the vast majority have agreed to sign a waiver to forgo their right to a public hearing and the GCC are now confident enough to issue charges against the 600 other chiropractors, without fear of them asking for public hearings which the GCC has not the money to prosecute.

    Last week the GCC threatened legal action against a complainant who who did not wish to take time off work to attend the hearing. The complainant was told that they would be fined £5000 if they failed to attend the hearing.

    The interesting thing about this is, if the GCC had informed Simon Perry and Zeno that they would be required by law to attend each hearing for two days or face the prospect of a £5000 fine, the 700 complaints would have disappeared quickly. You can always rely on the GCC to be inconsistent and the BCA to support them

  • victoria

    interesting? it’s fucking terrifying – we’re being hung out to dry……

  • Garland Glenn

    knod, knod, wink, wink say no more. Actually Richard please do say more. It’s sooo entertaining.

  • Barney

    Interesting?? Hell this could have been a Monty Python skit.

  • Garland Glenn

    This is becoming interesting.


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