GCC has referred 36 of Simon Perrys 50 complaints to the PCC

June 11, 2010

coats-on-sunSimon Perry has given an update of the progress of his complaints to the GCC about chiropractors on his blog 


Although I have not seen the specifics of the complaints, I have to say I am amazed, the GCC has referred 80% of these complaints to the PCC. This video was supposed to be a satire and its starting to look like a documentary. Where is the GCC going to get the money to prosecute these complaints never mind the 500 or so from Zeno. In addition, I have heard through the grapevine that Zeno wants Skeptic Barista to front a mass complaint about “subluxation” .

GCC registration  costs £1,000 compared with £350 for Osteopaths, the GCC will have to triple their registration fee next year I speculated earlier in the year on the cost, and while the GCC stated in the FOI they did not increase their mortgage in 2009, I believe I should have asked 2010 and £1,000,000 has been raised.



Simon Perrys states that in “36 cases, the Investigations Committee has decided that there is a case to answer and they will be referring an allegation of unacceptable professional conduct against them to the Professional Conduct Committee.

In eight cases, the GCC is awaiting further information.

But in the remaining six cases, the GCC has decided not to pursue the allegation. It reads as though a determining factor was that those chiropractors immediately removed the claims upon being advised to do so by their association”.

They may also have been part of the BCA political elite, the people who started the GCC, the same people who gave the order to go after Simon Singh, would be ironic if they are the ones to get off. 

Its starting to look like the advice the McTimoney association gave their members this time last year was quiet sensible after all, especially considering the BCAs insurance does not cover defence costs because patients were not involved in this complaint. Its hard to believe the BCA made that change in the policy after deciding to go after Simon Singh. You could not make this stuff up could you.

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  • http://spinaljoint.com Richard Lanigan

    For some reason Simon Perry can not post a response and sent it by e-mail:

    From: Simon Perry
    Sent: 02 August 2010 14:24
    To: Richard Lanigan
    Subject: Comments response.

    Comments aren’t working on your blog. My response is:

    The Gideon’s letters were for my amusement, the GCC letters were for
    public protection.

    Your logic seems to be: “Simon sent a letter for reason X, therefore
    all letters Simon sends are for reason X.”

    I once wrote a letter to inform the TV licensing to let them know I
    don’t have a TV. If I had blogged this, would you have argued that I
    only complained to the GCC to avoid paying my TV license?

    I told Simon I believe he complained to the GCC because it gave him pleasure, he says he did it to protect all those children with colic.I wrote this article about chiropractic and colic http://www.chiropracticlive.com/?p=50 and invite Simon to tell me what parents should do according to the best available evidence.

    I have never met Simon and did not know he did not have a TV, perhaps if he had it might help bring other forms of entertainment into his life. Any suggestions for TV programmes he could watch. He would love “Big Brother” and voting off the people he did not like.

  • Rosemary


  • Paul

    what a dick

  • http://spinaljoint.com Richard Lanigan

    An interesting postscript to Simon Perrys letters of complaint to the GCC ( if not so amusing for the 36 chiropractors the GCC are pursuing to test the waters on how to proceed with the other 600 complaints against chiropractors by Zeno et al).

    According to Simon he used to get pleasure from writing “daft letters to various organisations for no other reason than his own personal amusement”, he has recently published a series of the letters on his blog http://adventuresinnonsense.blogspot.com/2010/07/letters-to-gideons.html.

    These letters are to the people that leave Bibles in hotel rooms.I dont believe in God but I dont understand why anyone would want to make fun of people who do and no doubt provide a service that many christians find helpfull.

    It must be reassuring for registered chiropractors to know that Margaret Coats and the General Chiropractic Council are using registration fees to give Simon pleasure, or help him get there.

  • http://spinaljoint.com Richard Lanigan

    I believe Osteopaths have doubled in recent years.

  • fed up

    The true cost of the GCC to chiropractic.

    In 2000 when I was 1 of 1800 chirpractors joining the GCC for the first time we were told “the profession is set to double every 5 Years”

    “In 2004, 2,024 chiropractors were registered with the GCC.In 2009 the number had soared to 2,067″

  • http://spinaljoint.com Richard Lanigan

    I never said it was your objective, I said it would be great if someone made the complaint because there come a point when sensible people recognise that spending millions on this, is not in the public interest . If you dont agree, I refer you to the Kings Fund study from 1998 “Informing Patients – an assessment of the quality of patient information materials” in doctors surgeries, although the study was very critical, it did not result in one complaint to the GMC.

    You believe the GCC answers are “informative and helpful”, I believe thats what sceptics call “confirmation bias”. Dont you think it is a bit odd that the GCC would recognise a subluxation after 7 years of pressure and along you come 2 years later and they remove it.

    As a man seeking scientific truths does it not bother you that the GCC told you “The General Council has never considered the research evidence for the chiropractic vertebral subluxation complex” , when they told me in a FOI in 2007; “The GCC subluxation was based on the WHO definition of subluxation and 160 people, including experts and national authorities and professional and NGO’s, in over 54 countries had reviewed this document prior to publication”. You see I had also questioned the bullshit they had come up with to explain their subluxation and a bit of digging after I was elected onto the GCC confirmed my suspicions http://www.chiropracticlive.com/?p=670

    For starters medics recognise a subluxation as joint dysfunction, I will continue to use the term and the ASA will say fuck all, because as you have seen I know my stuff and I can articulate it much better than a physiotherapist and medical doctor on the GCCs education committee. This is just political posturing by the very people who sued Simon Singh. The BCA/GCC alliance are the ones who are using the sceptics to outline a scope of practice that medicalises chiropractic and generates research funds for the AECC and WIC. (clue 1 BCAs move for prescribing rights).

    Think about it, you sceptics have still not got your heads around the reason the GCC has been so helpful when it is dominated by the sceptics “enemy” the BCA. This “helpful” organisation as you call them has been recently told by the Information Commissioners Office that the were in breach of the Data Protection Act for not releasing the report their Private Investigators made on me. The report shows clearly the GCC sent a PI to entrap me into saying I was a chiropractor so they could report me to the police as a “criminal”. Its fair to say Margaret Coats is “informative” only when it suits her and perhaps you need to be a little bit sceptical about the GCC’s motivation for doing so much to help you when the Chiropractic Patients Association or the profession has no confidence in them.

    Now you can say the “enemy of my enemy” is my friend. I can assure you I have no friends that are intolerant and would use their time to bring misery to people they did not know and its to your credit that you dont seem to wish to join the witch hunt. People who know me would describe me as a left wing political activist who has followed in my mothers footsteps, chiropractic just happens to be what I do for a living. People who come to my practise are just as likely to get a lecture on the US blockade of Cuba or inequality and health as subluxation theory.

    I have campaigned against nasty intolerant people in the National Front in the 70s, the BNP, Miami Cubans, the catholic church, Zionist expansion. I have no doubt the Nazis evolved from GCC type jobsworths in the 30s, I am sure people who complained about Jews and Gypsies in the 30s also believed they were providing a public service.

  • http://skepticbarista.wordpress.com/ Skeptic Barista


    To ‘bring down the GCC once and for all’ has never been my objective.

    Why would I want to do that. Whenever I’ve have a querie about the chiropractic profession, I know I can ask them for an explaination …. In the past I’ve found their answers to be very informative & helpful.

    I realise that YOU have a desire to see the end of the GCC (in it’s current form), and this is probably the reason your posts often seem to encourage skeptics – in a very transparent way.

    They do say that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” but you really shouldn’t expect skeptics to do it for you.

  • Barney

    Still love the video Richard and how extraordinarily prescient!!

  • http://spinaljoint.com Richard Lanigan

    It still makes me laugh a year after I made it for different reasons. Why would Newcastle supporters be depressed? Why would skeptics, who see themselves as a sort of liberal elite, join up with a typical autocratic, intolerant regulator and bash the very BCA chiropractors who were trying to do what skeptics say they wanted; be evidence based. Its no longer about Simon Singh its about the mentality of the players, for them its just a game.

    Zeno and Margaret Coats have one thing in common they are intolerant and obviously like making people suffer and creating misery. This is what I objected to about the GCC, that Margaret Coats seemed to enjoy it so much, I was never against regulation, I was against the kind of people who were doing it Coats, Greg Price, David Byfield, Richard Brown and now Zeno. I am not convinced about Simon Perry, I am not sure his heart is still in it, I dont hear the triumphalism and nastiness you get from some of the others.

    I am glad I left the video characters vague enough so they could apply to anyone.

    I do hope Skeptic Barista makes the subluxation complaint because that will finish the GCC once and for all and allow the chiropractic profession to go back to practising under common law and insurance premiums will come downw. Unfortunately I dont think he is so fanatical either.

    Barista ask Blue Wode to make the complaint, the words subluxation and chiropractic really gets up his nose, however I am not sure he wants his identity revealed for some reason.

  • fed up

    love the vid! lol

  • Garland Glenn


    Hope you had a nice holiday. Could you tell me about how many DC have left the GCC and are practicing outside the GCC?


    Send me an email so I can contact you


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