F#*K off. Margaret and I are doing a great job. General Chiropractic Council Chair Peter Dixon responds to the associations.

March 12, 2011

Saw the back page of the Sun yesterday and thought Arsene Wenger had seen Peter Dixons response to the associations, No, he was talking about the Football regulator. He could just as easily have been talking about the chiropractic regulator.

The chiropractic profession has statutory SELF regulation which means seven chiropractors chosen by Peter Dixon and a couple of people from the appointments commission are representative of the chiropractic profession. Not surprisingly their investigation of  Peter Dixon found nothing and  they all agreed Margaret Coats is doing an excellent job. The Magnificent Seven know better than the representatives of 2,500 chiropractors. Who are they?


Peter Dixon, Chair (chiropractor)
• Formerly a Council member of the GCC (Chairman)
• Formerly President, European Chiropractors’ Union
• Formerly President, British Chiropractic Association 
• Integral to the establishment of the College of Chiropractors   
• Co-chair, World Federation of Chiropractic Task Force on the global identity of
the chiropractic 
• Member of World Health Organisation Working Group on developing
guidelines for the undergraduate education of chiropractors worldwide
• Practising chiropractor in private practic

Alan Breen (chiropractor)
• GCC Education Committee and the GCC’s Audit Committee
• Professor of Musculoskeletal Health, Anglo European College of Chiropractic
• Visiting Professor of Musculoskeletal Health, Institute of Health and Social
Care, Bournemouth University
• Director of the Institute of Musculoskeletal Research and Clinical
Implementation, Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC)
• Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of General Practice and
Primary Care, Barts and the London NHS Trust; Queen Mary’s College of
Medicine and Dentistry

David Byfield (chiropractor)
• GCC Education Committee and member of the GCC’s Communications
Advisory Group
• Principal Lecturer, Welsh Institute of Chiropractic School of Applied Sciences,
University of Glamorgan
• Head, and Chiropractic Clinic Module Leader, Welsh Institute of Chiropractic,
University of Glamorgan
• Practising chiropractor in private practice

Christina Cunliffe (chiropractor) 
• GCC Education Committee and Chair of the GCC’s Resource Management
• Principal, McTimoney College of Chiropractic
• Treasurer, College of Chiropractors
• Teaching Fellow, University of Warwick Medical School 
• Lecturer, McTimoney College of Chiropractic
• Visiting Lecturer, University of Oxford Medical School, and Oxford Brookes
Physiotherapy Department
• Practising chiropractor in private practice

Ian Dingwall (chiropractor)
• Chiropractor in private practice for over 18 years
• Established a multi-disciplinary clinic in Glasgow, involving a range of
musculoskeletal health professionals
• Formerly worked at Glasgow Nuffield Hospital and also provided chiropractic
services for two fund-holding GP practices
• Post graduate trainer, appointed by the British Chiropractic Association, for
Scotland for two years
• Member of the British Chiropractic Sports Council

Julie McKay (chiropractor)
• Practising chiropractor providing NHS and private care
• Co-Director, Impact Integrated Medicine Partnership, a multi-discipline social
enterprise clinic; winner of the 2006 NHS Alliance Acorn award
• Chair, Health Policy Unit, College of Chiropractors
• Retained Consultant, iCAM unit, University of Westminster
• Member, NHS Alliance Steering Group
• Regularly participates in activities to promote the development of the
chiropractic profession and increase access to chiropractic. For example:
Chaired the 2007 AGM of the College of Chiropractors; speaker at various
events including the British Chiropractic Associations’ Annual Conference, the
House of Commons debate on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the
British Acupuncture Council’s Annual Conference; and Social Enterprise East
and East Midland seminars

Stephen Williams (chiropractor)
• Practising chiropractor in private practice in Southampton, focusing on
chiropractic paediatrics and craniopathy
• Lectures extensively in the UK and internationally in the field of paediatrics,
sacro occipital technique and craniopathy
• Teaches post-graduate paediatric certification courses at Logan University,
• Jointly developed a MSc in Applied Professional Development: Chiropractic
Paediatrics at Anglo European College of Chiropractic 
• Several fellowships, including Fellow of the College of Chiropractors (UK)
Faculties of Paediatrics and Craniopathy
• Formerly a Council member of the GCC and member of the GCC’s
Investigating Committe



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  • Paulm123


  • fat pompous buffoon


    Worth reading what the skeptic websites are saying, it seems like every one knows what a house of cards the GCC is, I wonder if many people would disagree with the posting above, here is a snippet, well done Andy Lewis and thanks
    The House of Lords recommended that in order for chiropractors to be suitable for statutory regulation, the following conditions should apply:

    ◦The profession must be mature
    ◦It must have one governing body
    ◦It must be based on a systematic body of knowledge
    ◦It must have recognised courses of training
    ◦It must be able to demonstrate efficacy. (Hansard, 1985).
    It is hard to say that key conditions were ever met. It is not a mature profession as it cannot even agree on what the essential nature of their profession is. The core concept of the chiropractic subluxation, that drives their philosophy and practice, has been rejected by the regulator,

    There is no clinical research base to support claims that the chiropractic vertebral subluxation complex is the cause of disease or health concerns.

    This has indeed caused much anguish amongst the trade and is almost certainly at the root of their disquiet with the GCC, as many of them have a near religious belief in subluxations.

  • Amit Patel

    maybe it ended up in the “Documents To Shred” Tray? Its happened to me lots of times (NOT!!)…..

  • Amitpatel

    its just LIP SERVICE!!!!

  • http://www.chiropracticlive.com Richard Lanigan

    Funny how the ones you would think have least time to see patients with all their other responsibilities. Have written on their CVs “Practising chiropractor in private practice”.

  • I miss greg

    As one of very many people who reported the deputy registrar to the police, (over 30 I believe) I cant say I was surprised that it has never been the subject of a GCC enquiry, despite four different people writing to the GCC mentioning bribes. How can a complaint about a death not get through to the PCC?
    Perhaps there is a reasonable explanation, such as ( ?????)

  • Amitpatel

    Richard, I can think of a better word than Magnificant……..


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