Communication between General Chiropractic Council’s Peter Dixon and the associations after they made the case that Coats position as Registrar was untenable

January 28, 2011

http___www.gcc-ukThis correspondence has been released by the GCC under Freedom of Information. The first letter is Peter Dixons response to the meeting the GCC had with the associations in November when they outlined in detail why Margaret Coats was not a competent Registrar and the associations response which I blogged about in December.The main letter to the GCC  is now in the hands of a journalist, Its a just a question of whether the story is important enough to print.

Having been saying Coats was not a competent registrar for ten years its great to see the associations finally coming on board as we get closer to Coats point of no return. I did not think the BCA leadership had the stomach for this battle and I am delighted to be proved wrong. I have kept my CPD up to date, and I look forward to calling myself a chiropractor again.

The council would like Coats to retire with her head held high (LOL) and Dixon stay on as chair. Coats would probably prefer grounds for constructive dismissal against the council and a big pay day. The impasse will probably continue for a few months but the story will break and if they dont go quickly they will bring down the GCC when they fall, the council members  all knew how Coats operated but they looked the other way. I have many letters and e-mails from Dixon, stroking my ego, thanking me for bringing my concerns to his attention. Thats just the way Dixon operate,s it does not mean he will do anything, however other council members must be starting to get woried now regarding his ability to hold it together as he has done in the past.

Note Dixons comment “we note the associations position of support for statutory regulation of the chiropractic profession for which you fought long and hard . No longer a WE. Its Margaret, her poodle and the Skeptics against the chiropractic profession.



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5 Responses to Communication between General Chiropractic Council’s Peter Dixon and the associations after they made the case that Coats position as Registrar was untenable

  1. Rod Macmillan on January 30, 2011 at 11:11

    I believe may people have hoarded information awaiting a chance for it to be impartially examined, remember the very odd Greg Price?
    He fitted in well at the GCC- his conduct also needs to be examined as does the managerial actions after he was caught out, good governance is not Alice in wonderland, and it doesn’t mean whatever farcical meaning mad hatters put on it.

  2. Richard Lanigan on January 30, 2011 at 09:09

    To those of you who have not come across Gus before and are thinking is this guy for real. He is and with good reason. When I started meeting people who had been persecuted by Coats et al. Their passion woulkd make me step back, then I realised they only difference from my passion was, they wore theirs passion on their sleves.

    Gus was shafted by the old boys and girls network that makes up the establishment, They assumes the system is fine and must be maintained to protect their own positions. Thats why the people in Egypt are out on the streets, now there are enough people wearing their passion on their sleves and hopefully they will prevail.

  3. Gorgeous Gussy Gibbon on January 29, 2011 at 21:52

    “Rodders is my hero”.
    I too will be seen to be a hero by many after I have successfully sued the equally nasty, worthless, truly dishonest, lying scum of Rugby Borough Council in the High Court.

    Indeed, the parasitical scum that arraigned two separate b/s complaints into one [and overseen arguably illegally] by a VERY BENT/CORRUPT/BIASED professional conduct committee – including a laughably cretinous former SMP – will be searching for those old champagne corks and brown trousers when it finally dawns on them that there really is a tribune for the people out there, and his name is Gus Gibbon.

    [It is said that he liquidizes black-hearted, misanthropic ugly loathesome people in a just and fitting manner...and spreads them on Englands green and pleasant land] Accompanied by the old ‘Twickers favourite `Jerusalem’…L&k All (with obvious exceptions)

  4. Paulm on January 28, 2011 at 22:20

    Rod – have you sent it to the journalist Richard mentioned or the parties (other than the BCA) involved in the alliance?

  5. rod macmillan on January 28, 2011 at 09:19

    I wrote to the GCC to pass on my evidence, I will let you know the response, one thing is for sure, this is not going away.I have a HUGE bundle of evidence


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