CHRE has told General Chiropractic Council to sort this mess out. GCC chair Peter Dixon failed to tell them he does not have the credibility to do it.

February 24, 2011

CHRE has released a lot of papers under FOI, to chiropractors looking to see what has been going on behind the scenes, since the Association expressed their lack of confidence in the GCC.

A number of  things stand out The CHRE is not happy with the GCC, members of the public are unhappy with them and so are the chiropractic association. The only people who are content are the fourteen clowns who make up the New Reformed General Chiropractic Council . In an effort to regain confidence with the CHRE they have a plan to get their financed back into the black by hiking up registration fees next year.

When you have read these letters (excuse quality of scan) please read my statement to the GCC at the EGM Peter Dixon called to have me removed from the council in 2008. It all starts to make sense. “The GCC is not fit for purpose” and never was, because it was about power and influence and never about the public.

I will start with the letters below from Peter Dixon. His response to a letter from CHRE Chief Executive Harry  Cayton and some e-mails between Harry Cayton and Nick Clarke also from CHRE




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