Chiropractors’ Association of Australia Votes to Affirm Chiropractic as a Drug-Free, Non-Surgical Approach to Health Care

August 25, 2010



Picturbnne1 This from Chris Kents blog
In light of the current movement by certain factions of the profession for prescriptive rights, the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) has recognized the need to take action.  At their most recent national board meeting, the CAA voted to affirm recognition of chiropractic as a drug-free, non-surgical approach to health care and re-stated their commitment to the ACC Paradigm.  We support the efforts of the CAA and encourage other state and national organizations to join in the mission to protect the chiropractic profession

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  • Myelin Sheets

    Good old Aus I say, thinking ahead of the old country as aften the case, although i am a little biased.
    pursuit of prescription serves a only a few and dilutes the effect of chiropractic.
    Substandard technique, poor understanding of physiology or even low self esteem and communication within a practice are the most likely reasons a health professional prescribes a chemical suppresant for a functional complaint.
    Chiropractors the world over might be of better use to their patients to remain outside this realm. there are no great benefits to having access to prescribed drugs.

  • John

    Sorry Richard can’t get access to Chris Kent’s blog ?

  • Barney

    Will this garner support or will it widen the rift in the profession even further?


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