Professional Conduct Committee

Many of the cases which have gone before the PCC were vexatious and had little to do with protecting the public and more to do with GCC chief executive Margaret Coats justifying her position policing chiropractors. This has cost millions of pounds. My favourite case to come before the PCC was the chiropractor who was charged with having cat hairs on the clinic floor. The PCC dismissed the complaint: total cost in the region of £60,000

GCC decided this man had been misled by Chiropractor Warren Gage

March 1, 2006

A posting by a patient of Warren Gage DC As a patient and newcomer to these forums I have been interested in what I read of problems between GCC and chiropractors. My wife and I were dismayed and disgusted by the treatment meted out to our chiropractor Dr Warren Gage two years ago and...

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Disclosure of evidence against chiropractors by the GCC. Not good enough according to the High Court.

February 1, 2006

Since getting involved with the chiropractic profession in 1990, I have been surprised at the number of incidences I have witnessed where disregard for the rights of students and chiropractors have prevailed. What has amazed me even more is the total apathy the profession has when other peoples rights are not respected. Everybody is...

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Original Report; Jensen V GCC, scope of chiropractic practice.

May 1, 2002

This is the initial report I prepared in relation to the initial 65 pages of GCC charges against Jesper Jenson which were written by GCC “expert” Dafid Byfield in an effeort to define GCC scope of practice. Having read my report the GCC decided to change the charges against Jensen and focus on 21...

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