Any nutter can make a complaint to a regulator, its the idiots who act on vexatious complaints you have to wonder about.

January 8, 2011

For year people have been making vexatious cases against chiropractors. The five people who nominated me as a candidate for council all had vexatious complaints made against them that were dismissed. My favourite vexatious complaint was the one against Bridgit Gilmore because her cat left a few hairs on the floor.

None of these complaints were made by Zeno and his friends and it really annoys me when I hear people complaining about the skeptics who want to “destroy chiropractic”. Any   nutter can make a complaint to a regulator they do it all the time. Some regulators recognise this and dismiss the complaint, the chiropractic regulator acts on the complaint no matter how ridiculous it is because  most chiropractors  just keep their mouth shut hoping it would not happen to them. In fact  rumours are starting that chiropractors can only have dental treatment through their noses.

Margaret Coats and Peter Dixon know that when the silly complaints are dismissed they only remain on the website for a month and will soon be forgotten by everyone except the individuals who Coats and her police will have made suffer. In honour of them I put this complaint which was dismissed a month a go and will be removed from the GCC complaints section any day now .

I repeat its not the skeptics that has made the profession vulnerable its a regulator that is prepared to take action because of the apparent “risks” related to doing a few exercises.  I would point out that the PCC found found all 4 allegations proved by the GCC but that putting this information on the website did not amount to unprofessional conduct.








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9 Responses to Any nutter can make a complaint to a regulator, its the idiots who act on vexatious complaints you have to wonder about.

  1. Richard Lanigan on January 9, 2011 at 00:52

    A rare occurrence!

    Unfortunately thats what most of the profession think, this is how Margaret Coats spinned that impression to the profession.

    Since 2003 the GCC have published a Fitness to practice Report In the early years the published details and costs of all cases including the ones that were dismissed, however they stopped doing that a few years ago as it was making Coats and her deputy Greg price look bad.

    In those days everyone thought the GCC was wonderfull. Margaret Coats could publish details of complaints against chiropractors and I was the only person asking questions.

    The day Coats refused to accept a chiropractors report and told me only a medical doctor could declare me fit to practice chiropractic and go on the register, I smelled a rat. Then there was Richard Rummary resignation in 2000 which the BCA and GCC kept very quiet.

    As a result I took a keen interest in the first three complaints that were made to the GCC, all against BCA members.

    A woman claimed a chiropractor caused her stroke, however the GCC could not find an expert witness who could present evidence of a causal relationship between an adjustment and a stroke. To justify the existence of the GCC Coats needed to show chiropractic was dangerous. The next complaint was against Roger White for “over treating” a patient and diagnosing the patients problem as a “subluxation”. The GCCs own expert Keneth Vall did not think the patient had been over treated so the GCC got the patient wear a wire during treatment in an attempt to get Roger White to incriminate himself, talking about “subluxations”.

    Then there was the Jesper Jensen case which was the prequel to what we have today. Margaret Coats was the complainant regarding claims being made on Jesper Jensens website, I was his expert witness with my “Health Promotion” hat on. These “claims” were much more extreme than anything in the 700 complaints facing chiropractors today and I was in no doubt this was how the GCC intended to restrict chiropractic to musculoskeletal pain syndromes. This is how Zeno knew Margaret Coats would take his complaints seriously.

    Jesper Jensens BCA insurance did not cover the cost of his defence( Maxed out at £50,000) and BCA chief Executive Sue Wakfield asked me to produce a report for the BCA council which I did. The report was very critical of the GCC and I predicted what has happened. The BCA council refused to comment on my report or distribute it to BCA members and warn them of what could happen. So I sent this letter out to BCA members as a result I fell out with the BCA, especially the GCC’s hired gun David Byfield. I was portrayed as a trouble maker with an axe to grind and chiropractors had nothing to fear from the GCC and the BCA members on council and the rest as they say is history.

    I have read every complaint that has come before the PCC and if the charges were particularly idiotic I would contact the chiropractor concerned. There is no one out there with my level of knowledge and for many years I tried to get the BCA or the UCA to set up a defence committee that reviewed all cases and prepared defences for chiropractors but they were to busy with their turn wars than protecting their members.

    With me banging my drum, chiropractors started reading the Fitness to Practice Reports that the GCC published and the vexations cases that were being dismissed and how much they were costing. So Margaret Coats stopped publishing these details so it looked like only bad chiropractors were being prosecuted and she was doing a good job and the association went along with it.

    It must be unusual way of getting votes asking people who had vexatious cases against them dismissed to nominate me for a seat on the General Chiropractic Council and it was a good way of drawing the matter further to chiropractors attention. That was in May 2007, is as you can see I have devoted ten years to this it has cost me a lot and I have nothing to show for it, however no one has ever called me a liar or said I lacked integrity and hand on heart the only thing I have been wrong about was that Margaret Coats would have been fired by the end of February 2008.

    I cant be right about everything but Coats and Dixon will not be still there this time next year that I am certain of.

  2. Richard Lanigan on January 8, 2011 at 22:49

    Google accepted they might have a case to answer in China.

  3. Barney on January 8, 2011 at 19:01

    The absurd thing about the case quoted above is that these are VERY basic exercises – really at level one in gentle stretching and movement.

    Secondly these are widely available on any search engine so would Google be responsible for posting exercises without knowledgeof the person’s ailment?

  4. Stefaan Vossen on January 8, 2011 at 16:17

    Is there anyone with a clear view on the number of complaints made annually and what percentage of them are actually reasonable from the onset? I am asking for information for reasonable complaints “as of the onset” as I am aware that the GCC can turn something totally unreasonable into something apparently relatively reasonable (say for example in those cases where chiropractors have shown “disregard for due process”). I just have no sense of how many chiropractors are being subjected to this nonsense…
    I have the inclination to think that the apathy that seems to exist in the chiropractic profession in regards to this issue is not simple apathy as is sometimes implied here, but rather a sense that it is such rare occurrence that it is poor investment of one’s time.
    Happy New Year

  5. garland on January 8, 2011 at 14:41

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  6. garland on January 8, 2011 at 14:36

    You must be joking.

  7. Richard Lanigan on January 8, 2011 at 13:22

    Thats the part I dont get, I was so proud to call myself a chiropractor, because I have knowledge and skills that most GPs can only dream about.

    When I was at college, the students united behind me as a group and we changed a lot at AECC and improved the life of students for years to come. Unfortunatly those same students learned little aabout empowerment, every November they pay their £1,000 to Margaret Coats, because Peter Dixon has a smile and a firm hanshake. Of course chiropractors should stop paying for someone to abuse/F$$K them.

    Far to often. those being abused dont leave because the abuser destroys what little self esteem the victims have, this gives the abuser the control over their victims. Twice in the last three years I have gone to court over parking tickets. I have devoted days because I refused to pay 30 quid, everybody said pay the fine, being right matters and you have to stand up and shout it from ther rooftops. Eventually people will listen and take action.

  8. Anonymous on January 8, 2011 at 07:27

    Ha! I am out of the GCC and have been for a number of years. What’s it called when you pay someone to f*ck you? And forgive my ignorance, but isn’t it illegal to pay for someone to f*ck you? Okay humour aside, the GCC would go away if we would all stop paying for them, just like prostitutes would if no one wanted to pay for sex. But prostitutes don’t go away because people do pay for sex, so quit whining about the GCC because you pay for them (I don’t mean you Richard), and if you end up catching something nasty it’s your own bloody fault!

  9. Richard Lanigan on January 8, 2011 at 01:13

    Have another happy GCC year


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